What is Sub-domain? Is it good for your Website and Blog?

Sub-domain is good or not?

Using Sub domain then know whether it is good or bad for your website and blog.

Before writing ahead this is important to clear that what is sub domain. After that you may understand the thing clearly.

What is sub domain?

It refers to the part of domain that works or functions under the root or main domain. In the domain name system it is also called as child domain supported by the parent or root domain.

For example: Northexample.com or Southexample.com is the sub domains of Example.com

Now discuss is it good for your website and blog or not.  Well it depends upon one’s need and requirements and then we come to final conclusion. 

First and foremost thing to keep in mind is that sub-domain is part of your root domain. It means it has divided your site into separate halves. Even though sub domain is linked to your root domain but still it acts as separate site or webpage. It also means that Google algorithm will also scan or analyze it separately from your main site or webpage.

This ultimately means that you are in loss because if your sub-domain generating more web traffic than your main domain or site. It ultimately acts like your business rival diverting your web traffic and dividing your web traffics. This clearly means less conversion rate on your published advertisements.

But even then question arise in your mind that so many websites use sub domain aren’t the business of those websites getting affected. For this now visit any of that website and check the quality of content available on their sub domain.

You will surprise to find that majority of content on their subdomain is not only low-quality it also doesn’t much of a use.  Most of the content or pages on their subdomain are for temporary use.

Sub domain is also used by people who has low infrastructure set up. Their website is very old and they are just using subdomain as a medium of adding new or fresh content.

Sub domains are used by those entrepreneurs and business persons whose site is dealing different types of sectors or business at one point of time.

For example: If you have company that deals in different international markets or currencies and you want to manage your content on the basis of different geographical locations and markets . In this case sub domain becomes essential tool for organizing the business.

It also means that majority of the times Sub domains are used by business owners or entrepreneurs which has large business and pretty experienced dealing in their business from longtime. So the use of sub domain by these types of users doesn’t affect them much. Instead of affecting it helps them to grow their business much further. 

In simple words if you are an individual blogger or entrepreneur who wants to grow their business over internet then don’t create sub domains. Instead of using sub domain you need to focus on your main site or web page. This will help you achieve success at much faster rate. Using sub domains will only harm your site or webpage in coming times.


By understanding above mentioned points we can say that Sub-domains are beneficial for experienced professional but not for novice and beginners. For long term use sub-domains are bad for your website and blog health.