What is Postmates and how does it work?


What you do when you feel hungry? You cook food yourself or order it online?  Most of you opt to get food delivered your home rather than cooking at home. Well, it’s quite a good decision but may I know which food delivery app do you use to order food? Swiggy, DoorDash, goPuff, GrubHub, or something else. Well, Swiggy is being the dominating food delivery and most preferred service providing app across the world. But guys, contenders are always there, by this I mean, there is one more app which has delivered great results in delivering the service and that app is Postmates. Do you know about it?

Even if you don’t then together let’s walk through this article and know what Postmates is and how does it work.

What exactly the Postmates is?

In a very simple term, Postmates is an American food delivery service providing company founded in 2011 by Bastian Lehmann. Postmates is an on-demand food and goods delivery service which enables customers to order anything they want related to food and personal items also such as groceries, and restaurant meals. The goods will be delivered at client’s home in less than an hour.

Moreover, being an American Company, it has made its presence in more than 100 metropolitan areas in the USA. The business structure of postmates is said to be like Uber, the taxi, but here Postmates allows customers to get goods from local stores.  Just like Uber drivers, the Postmates courier boys get notification on their mobile device and then they deliver the order in less possible time.

Let’s now understand how Postmates business model works

The working process of Postmates is very easy and understating. It’s not such a rocket science rather you can easily understand how they work and deliver you quality services. Let’s have a look at the process given below:

Step -1: Browse stores and products

The first step of Postmates Company is that it tries to put every store in its list through which they can create demands from the customers. With their smartphones, customers can browse the stores and order from Postmates application or website.

Step -2: Payment mode

After the order has been placed, now the time is to pay for it. Customer will only receive the order once he has paid for it online. The price includes the delivery fee plus service fee to place the order.

Step -3: Match/Matching   

As soon as the payment is received by Postmates, the nearest Postmates service provider gets a notification about the product to be purchased and delivery address. The postmates is claimed to be deliver the product within one hour and all the Postmates use either car or bike to deliver the order.

Step -4: Tracking & Receiving Order

The last process in the Postmates business model is to track the exact location of the customer and safely deliver the product. Postmate also has an option to send text to customers in case of delays.

Step -5: Rate and Tip 

So this process is up to customers whether they want to rate or tip for Postmates or not. The customers do get an option to rate and tip the Postmate. And it’s important to know that the Company doesn’t take a single penny tip given to a Postmate.

Some of the characteristics of Postmates 

  • Postmates allows people to order anything from anywhere within the city.
  • The order gets delivered at customer’s home within an hour.
  • Postmates services are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
  • Customers have option to track their order once the order is placed.
  • Postmates charge a minimal amount of deliver based on the distance covered from pick up point and drop off point.

The final words!

Postmates is a great food delivery service providing company and that’s why it has become a widely known a successful leading company in the USA. As I told you above that Postmates is just like Uber app that gets its order on mobile and customers can track their order with the help of GPS trackers. Through this article, I explained what Postmates is and how it works. So if you want to avail the services of Postmates you can download the app and enjoy the fast delivering services.

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