What is content automation?

content automation

Get the insights of content automation.

Content automation is the process of producing, managing, publishing, distributing and analyzing content.

Entrepreneurs and business owners across the globe have multiple tasks to perform in a single day. They have no time for creating and sharing content on regular basis.

They also want to focus on other areas of their business apart from content marketing. So therefore they automated the task of content marketing. We are going to enlist how they did so,

  1. Content curation:

It is a universal fact that if you want to increase online presence or brand visibility for that you required the content. You need to curate quality content from internet and regularly share it.

But this will consumes lot of time and energy. Well, don’t worries you can automate this task of content curation with the help of tools like ‘Scoop.it‘. This will choose a topic and will generate relevant content along with sharing buttons.

The user will also able to view complementary topics and other relevant users.

The scoop.it also comes in free version with limited features so you can test it out before opting it fully. Here I am giving you the brief introduction of this tool.


This is the tool used by thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs to make the task of content curation easier, simplifying and time saving. This tool curation service also helps millions of individuals to develop their online thought of leadership.

Essential features of scoop.it:

•          This tool curate the articles based on different parameters

•          It also integrated with word press blogs and websites.

•          This tool can curate the content discovered across the web.

•          It can also export content to different CMS platforms.

2. Social sharing:

After curating the content the second step sharing it in majority of the firms business owners or entrepreneurs hire employees for social media team.

The main task of this team is sharing of the content over different social media platforms.

But this also results in wasting a lot of time and energy this task of sharing content can also be put on automation with the help of various social media automation tools.

These tools will do automated sharing of social media posts including blog posts. These tools are so well designed that they can align your posts in queue for automated scheduling. You don’t need to waste time to schedule the posts manually.

The tools which will help you in this task were buffer, Hoot suite, Social pilot etc. Buffer is the most widely used tool because it is perfectly synchronized with android operating system. A brief introduction of buffer is mentioned below,


It is the advanced and one of leading tool of social media automation allows user to schedule and publish posts across all social media accounts. It also analyzes the results and help the user to get engage with their community.

Essential features of Buffer:

•          This tool can share scheduled posts to multiple social media accounts from one place.

•          This tool can also automate your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram posts.

•          It can also schedule the post in advance and can also prepare optimized posting schedules.

•          It can automatically publish all posts from RSS feeds and automation.

3. Monitoring:

After creating and sharing content at last phase comes and that is ‘monitoring’. As clear from the name monitoring is done to measure user reactions on internet.

Since your content get shared across various channels so it is not easy to keep up with the audience reaction on your brand. The need of tool notifies you whenever the users mentioned your brand in their reaction.

Don’t worry, you can also automate the task of monitoring also just like other previous two above mentioned tasks. The tool which will do this job for you is ‘Mention.in‘.


It is a social media and web monitoring tools which offers real time notifications and alerts for a company’s keyword.

It also grants the ability to user to monitor millions of sources in real time that too in approximately 42 languages. The services of this app can be accessed both from web and mobile app.

Essential Features of Mention.in are,

  • It can collaborates your team by sharing the alerts
  • It can connect social accounts to react within the dashboard.
  • It can generate reports and compare alert performance.
  • It can also identify influencers talking about your brand or keyword.


By following above mentioned tips you can automate your content efficiently.