What is BBB, does it matter in Google ranking?

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Can you trust a company who is not accredited or not certified? I know it’s hard to believe on such company because there is always a trust factor which doesn’t allow us to rely on these companies. Nowadays, companies seek accreditation to build trust with potential customers due to which many companies take help from BBB. “BBB” what the heck is it?  This is what you’re saying. Well, my today’s article will talk about BBB only and how it matters in Google ranking in SEO. So if you too want to get BBB accreditation then you must stick to this article and make sure you read this till the end.

Let’s jump into the pool of BBB –

What is BBB? 

BBB stands for Better Business Bureau. It is a third party review sites, non-profit organization founded in 1912 in Virginia, whose focus is on advancing marketplace trust. It consist of 106 independently incorporated local BBB organizations in US, Canada and Mexico. Moreover, the organization receives consumer complaints and rates the performance and reliability of businesses on the basis of specific criteria. BBB recorded to have accredited approximately 400,000 firms.

Some key points to remember:

  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit and non-government organization that examines the trustworthiness of businesses and track scams and frauds that might affect consumers.
  • The BBB gathers customer’s complaints and resolve the issue.
  • BBB accreditation manifests trust and integrity committed to customers.

Does BBB matter in Google ranking?

Few days before Google confirms that they do not use BBB score/ratings or other 3rd party score in their search ranking algorithm. But yes, BBB does matter in ranking. I tell you how. Ok so first if we talk about Google then Google considers two things while ranking a website first is relevancy and second is authority. Google determines relevancy by crawling your on-page content. Whereas if we look at BBB from pure SEO prospective then BBB gives a huge impact because it’s a good link and customer’s rating. Thereby, the more good links you get on your site the better your ranking will be. I most cases if your BBB rating is low it means business is facing some issues related reputation. And this is known that if your business repo is down, Google will not rank you.

BBB is also a good NAP citation – NAP means Name, Address, and Phone Number and it might be unfavourable for businesses desiring to rank well in the local organic search results it is because the tech giant Google takes the data into account while determining which companies to display for geo-targeted searches.

Furthermore, the benefit of having BBB accreditation is that your site can rank well for a brand name searcher, which can add additional trust for the company.

Now let’s examine how BBB works?

To simply put, BBB works by promoting ethical business practices, provides an atmosphere where buyer and seller can operate under the canopy of trust and understanding. BBB also provides educational material regarding general and specific business practices to encourage better consumer and business practices. Moreover, Business Better Bureau provides facility to file disputes about unfair business practices and other market place issues. It’s a fact that till now BBB successfully resolved 70% of filed complaints via mediation.

Bringing it together!  

BBB is a great organization for companies seeking an accreditation to build trust and belief in their customers. So if you’re looking a way to make your customers more confident in your services or create an authentic atmosphere then BBB accreditation might help you achieve this. Having an accreditation means creating a marketing edge over your competitors. So what are you waiting for? Get a BBB accreditation and achieve more success in your business. 

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