What are the ways to Verify Google Business Listing?

To be on the Google My Business listing is like adding 5 stars to your own business. Do you agree? You all know that Google My Business listing is a platform where you can show up your business in the Google Maps. If your business listed on Google My Business, you have more chances to get recognized by people across the country. Isn’t it a good way to take your business to the sky? Guys, the problem here marketers face is verification approval. To get your e-commerce marketing or any businesses on Google listing, you need to verify whether your business name is there or not. If you don’t do then you’re missing an important step.

Verifying your Google My Business listing allows you to have more control over your map listing. So if you have still not checked the verification or don’t know how to check then below are some of the verification methods to check.

Make sure to read all the points below to know how to check verification of Google My Business listing.

Some effective ways to verify your Google Business Listing

#Mobile devices

The first and the easy way that marketers want to verify their Google My Business listing is via mobile phones. Some businesses may want to verify their GMB listing by phone but not all of them have the mobile option. If you have this option and think of yourself as a lucky one. Therefore, you can choose to get an automated call or have a text message sent to your phone. You will get 5 digit verification code that you need to enter into the code field.

Moreover, there are many fraudulent activities associated with the phone that’s why keep in mind during the verification call, Google never:

  • Asks your password, verification code or any other personal information
  • Offers to enhance your GMB listing
  • Charges you for any services related to GMB listing

#Video chat

Another method of verification is video chat. Let me tell you that this method doesn’t use by people widely. Still, if your business qualifies for video verification, then you can use it without a problem. You can do video verification via video chat with a Google specialist. However, you need to install the Google Hangout for Android and iOS. Furthermore, if you have a big storefront business service area then a Google representative may want to check your workplace, logo, equipment, public space, and some of your employees. You can also show them your tools, vehicles, license plate, etc. just to build more trust in your business.

#Email verification

The next method that comes in the list of verification is email. Email is already a great way to build a good relationship with your customers. Therefore, if your business is eligible, you will see the ‘verify by email’ option when you start the verification process. Before you step ahead and click on ‘verify now’ make sure to check email displayed on verification screen is correct and you have access to it. Thereafter, open your inbox and find the email from Google My Business. Then you will find the verification code with a link to a GMB page where you can activate it.

#Bulk verification

The bulk verification method is the option only available for businesses that need to verify more than 10 locations of one business. For example, if you own a pizza chain with 25 locations, you might be eligible for this. For that, you need to sign Google My Business, and then click ‘Get Verified’ next to one of your locations. Finally, choose ‘chain.’ Make sure to fill all the required information and submit the verification form. Guys, it might take up to a week for Google to review and check your form.

The final words

Google My Business is a great platform for every business to appear on Google Maps. And to verify your GMB may be a herculean task for you but it is definitely worth exploring every possible option given above. Guys, choose the verification method which is most effective and easy for you. With the verification method, you will be able to get your business in the GMB listing and Google Maps.

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