What are the tools for bulk URL checker?

tools for bulk URL checker

Are you facing the problem of broken links on your website? If yes then no need to worry! Just keep on reading the article to solve this problem. It’s very common to operate a website nowadays. And it doesn’t matter whether you operate a professional website or personal one as you just don’t want your website to have broken links, right? And it becomes somewhat important to check that there are no broken links on your site. In the starting, links are active but gradually as the days, weeks and months pass they end up being broken. So, how to solve this broken link problem of yours? To check your bulk URL links you need to take help of some URL checker tools. You can have a lot of tools in the market which does an easy check and make our site’s life easy.

So, let’s dive into URL checker tools and discuss them!

Some effective tools for bulk URL checker.

1. Internet supervision- URL checker

This tool is used to examining the link availability of a website. It can manage the performance and gives you hint if any issue is observed. Through this users can take quick action to resolve the issue and bring the site back again.

2. Online website link checker

This tool is used to check whether your website contains broken links or not. It also allows users to set the maximum number of pages to search. A broken link on your site can destroy your website. Online website link checker can help you find out the problem as soon as possible.

3. URL Checker tool

It allows you to check your server response whether it is getting redirected or showing 404 not found. You can use this tool to scrutinize the URLs from your online marketing campaign. You can also detect incorrect URLs.

4. Dead link checker

DLC helps you in generating an HTML output for easy checking of the results. It’s a free broken link checker. It can also check multiple sites at one go and it has a feature of the auto-check. Users can get report automatically via this URL checker tool.

5. Online broken link checker

This tool helps in scanning a website for broken links. It verifies both the external and internal URL’s. It allows users to know the error location, and it can scan an immense number of pages.

6. Link tiger

As the name suggests, the tool tracks website for broken links and generate broken link report. There is no download requirement in this tool it allows for a website scan 24×7. Link tiger not only finds broken links, but also examines broken links in any PDF, CSS, JavaScript, or MS Office.


The URL checker tools are very important for you if you are operating a website. The above list will give you an idea on the verification of broken URL on your site. However, some inspection would be required to know which tool will suit you for checking your URL broken links.

Don’t just stuck with your broken link sites make use of above-mentioned tools for your website. Hope this article has helped you with your research for an appropriate URL checker tool. For more interesting articles get in touch with us till then keep reading, keep sharing.