What are the latest updates of Facebook Algorithms in 2019?

Facebook Algorithms

Let me begin by asking you a question, Can you live without social media? Some of you can live (like me) and some of you just can’t. If we look at the present stage then social media really has changed our lives. Apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, Hike, etc. have tremendously altered our online interaction with family, friends, and relatives day by day. Every year these apps bring new updates and changes with them that might affect users and their experience.

In this article, I will majorly focus on the updates in Facebook Algorithm. Being a social media user or netizen you should know the changes that occur in social media apps.

Now let’s make a jump into basics first!

What is facebook Algorithm?

Facebook algorithm is a process of ranking all available posts that display on a user’s news feed based on the basis of his positive reaction towards posts. Facebook algorithm is based on four factors for ranking and displaying content on your newsfeed.

  1. Inventory displays all available posts.
  2. Signals let know Facebook what each post is about.
  3. Predictions on how you can react to each post.
  4. A final score allocated to the content after considering all factors. 

Every year or two Facebook changes its algorithm. This year to Facebook has changed its algorithm updates for 2019 which determines what people can see in the newsfeed. It becomes somewhat difficult to understand as the Facebook algorithm is more like a jigsaw puzzle. In order to understand what is going on “offstage”, first you need to understand and be updated about the latest changes on Facebook.

So let’s move on to the Updates of Facebook Algorithms!

Latest updates of Facebook Algorithm for 2019!

As commented by Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook “Facebook goal’s isn’t total time spent, but time well spent with meaningful content you feel good about”.

If we look at the statistics then around 80% of people spend their time using Facebook. So it becomes important for users to spend time with relevant contents rather than just scrolling and wasting their time. For worthwhile contents, Facebook conducted surveys via the News Feed to find out which links people said were good uses of their time. For this reason, some changes and updates took place lately.

Below mentioned points are a quick snapshot of some of the updates or changes Facebook Algorithm has made in 2019.

– News Feed to downrank posts

In a new update, Facebook will start down-ranking posts that contain misleading health information or dangerous, sensational “Cures”. It will also affect people that promote or sell health-related claims, such as weight loss pills.

– Original quality videos to receive more distribution

Facebook too rewards video creators who produce quality contents for viewers like YouTube. With the coming months, many updates will be implemented to disperse more original videos that engage viewer beyond the one minute mark. Videos receiving repeat viewing will also see a boost in News Feed distribution.

– Worthwhile and close friend content will be highlighted by News Feed

It is another algorithm update to make your News Feed filled with quality and worthwhile content. A recent survey shows Facebook has key signals to determine which of your friend you interact and engage the most. This update will promote links to content in which you are interested the most.

– The Facebook algorithm introduces “Click- Gap” to tackle Fake News

It’s a known fact that Facebook’s image is a patron of misinformation and fake news on the internet. Social media mammoth has introduced a new metric known as “Click-Gap”. It will analyze sites and posts that generate many clicks and links on Facebook compared to the internet as a whole.

– “Borderline” content to receive less distribution

It’s a policy to prohibit those contents that include offensive speech, sexually suggestive images, posts promoting misinformation, etc. It’s currently in use by a limited number of users but it will become more widespread in the near future.

Wrapping Up!

The sole purpose of updates of Facebook Algorithm is to show people the stories that are most relevant to them. Facebook being a part of daily life has become a main point of interest. The significant changes and updates in Facebook Algorithm have created a sense of curiosity and concern for their users.

Facebook users should know the updates of Facebook Algorithm to enjoy a better experience in the future. Get in touch with us for more updates.