What are the do’s and don’ts of Link Building?

do's and don'ts of Link Building

Link building – the most exceptional part of any digital marketing business because link plays a great role in developing a presence of website. To get the best results for their website, webmasters build links to their site. But what I wonder is – does link building really work? Actually, link building works but only when implemented correctly. Got my point? What I mean to say is – not every time link building gonna work for you if you think you can fill your site with links (bad quality links too) then chances are you end up damaging your site and brand presence. So what’s the solution then?

Hi guys! In this article, I am gonna highlight some do’s and don’ts of link building which you should follow to make your site worth visiting. Let’s get started now with the introduction of link building first.

What is Link Building?

To simply put, link building is the process of getting links or hyperlinks of other websites to your own. Link building is best way for digital marketers to drive referral traffic and enhance their site’s authority. Let me tell you that these links are used by search engines like Google to crawl the web. On the basis of crawling your site gets ranked. However, if you try to use spammy tactics for increasing your site’s presence then mind it – you’ll surely gonna penalize by Google and your site might be banned from Google search results completely.

Therefore, its better you follow dos and don’ts tactics of link building given below.

The Do’s of Link Building

– Focus on creating quality and authentic contents

If you want to generate more quality links to your site then make sure you produce the content which is highly qualitative and authentic in nature. When you produce keyword-focused, topic-focused unique contents then you’re likely to generate links from other pages as you’re an authority of that particular topic.

– Get links from relevant and authoritative pages

Getting the relevant links from relevant pages is your only priority. You need to check which site is ranking on the top results because that is your target point. So gain links from reputed and popular sites such as Entrepreneur or popular news source.

– Seek attention from News and Press

We all like controversies so when you write content on news or product which is in controversy you likely to get attention from news or press through which you generate links to your website. 

– Self – Built links

Self-built links are those links which you generate by commenting on blog posts, signing guest books, and engaging with other relevant contents. However, these links are considered as low value links by Google but they aren’t worthless. You can still use them.

– Generate guest post links

Though it might be risky tactic for you to follow but it’s worth use. Guest post is a post on website which is written by an experienced blogger. Guest post link is a very powerful links for your site. You can ask guest blogger to provide you backlinks.

The Don’ts of Link Building

– Don’t get into low quality blogs or spammy sites

I know you want to build as many backlinks as possible but wait for a while. For increasing the number of links to your site you might get penalized by Google because sometimes webmasters use low-quality or spammy links to the site which creates trouble and gets penalized by search engine from ranking.

– Concealing or Cloaking

This point in the list of don’ts generally conveys that you shouldn’t conceal your content from users. Many webmaster show different content to search engines and show different content to users by cloaking. This is considered the best practice in link building and content generation but it might harm your SEO Performance.

– Link brokers

This is an illegal practice done by webmaster. Link brokers basically sell links to online marketers to enhance their ranking on Google. So doing is a direct violation of Google’s guidelines and which you can be penalized by Google. These links are easy to spot as they usually appear or located in the footer of a website.

Track results!

I hope now you’re able to understand what you need to do or what not to do in link building. If you keep these guidelines in your mind while link building then I’m sure you surely gonna achieve great results for you website. Just make sure to be genuine enough to produce quality and authentic content for your website. With this approach in mind, you’re good to go!  

For more informative articles get in touch with us, till then keep reading and keep sharing.