What are the best tools for ‘Reverse Image Search’?

Let me start by asking you a question, how many unwanted images do you get every day via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Are these images relevant to you? Not all images are relevant but few might be. Right! But how to know or get information about these images could be your question. And the answer to your question is “Google Reverse Images Search” which is all about knowing the full information about the image. Like what is the real source of the picture, when it got first published on the internet etc. Google will help you to know the similar images to the real one at the instant if you upload an image.

However, Google’s ‘search by image’ feature is only available for desktop computers and not on mobile phones or tablets. But mobile users can too verify the image, first, they need to transfer the photograph to a desktop and then perform a reserved search. Too much work, right?

Not anymore, there are various tools available online that let you perform ‘Reverse Image Searches’ on mobile phones. But before I tell you about these reverse image tools, first you need to know why these reverse images tools are needed to use.

Some reasons to use a ‘Reverse Image search’ for your business!

  • Reverse Image Search makes it much easier to spot the fake images and the fake people who are using someone else’s profile photos.
  • Reverse image search helps you to know the ‘authenticating image’ and ‘authenticating people’. It could save you from being scammed or conned.
  • Instead of searching a name or business reverse image search will show you the results specific to an image, video, or site. It helps you in saving your time and makes the goal of your actions oriented.
  • Through reverse search image, you can find stolen images. You can easily find if someone has stolen your images to use them illegally online.

Now proceed further to know the various tools of Reverse Image Search.

Tools of ‘Reverse Image search’

Following are the best reverse image search tools:-

– Google images

Google’s search by image is a feature that allows users to search for related images by uploading an image or image URL. This feature uses an advanced algorithm to analyze the submitted pictures.

– Tin Eye

It is a reverse image search engine. Tin Eye creates a ‘unique and compact digital signature and fingerprint’ of said images and matches it with other indexed images.

– Image Raider

It allows you to specify a URL or upload an image from your computer to check on the web that who is using the image.

– MyPicGuard

Its aim is to find out who is using your images. You can sign up a free account that automatically gives 100 credits for free to start using and a single reverse image search will use up 1 credit.

– Yandex Images

This search engine is similar to Google and is popular in Russia. It has a smart algorithm that tries to guess the person on the image. This search engine helps you show where the image being used and also a list of different sizes. Even if an image is not found, then Yandex will attempt to show any similar images.

– SK Planet

This reverse image search engine finds related fashion items on its e-commerce website.

This is all about Reverse Image Search. For more updates and interesting articles get in touch with us till then keep reading.