Ways to help customers feel safe while browsing your site.

Do you think your website is safe and secure for your potential customers to make purchases? I know that the internet has become a basic need and a very much accepted medium for all of us. Nevertheless, it is surrounded by so much cynicism and skepticism. And so it should be! You know why? Guys, there is a number of fake and spammy websites out there that have been developed solely to scam people and steal their data. Undeniably, this makes life a little bit more insecure or difficult for genuine business and its customers.

Let me also tell you that if a user visits your site, he will judge the overall appearance of your website. 38% of people usually stop browsing your website if your content or layout is unattractive.

customers feel safe while browsing your site.

Anyway, I’m not gonna talk about how you can make your website look more attractive and it’s physical appearance rather I’ll be discussing some points on making your website look more “trustworthy” so that your customers can feel safe and secure while browsing your website.

So let’s get started.

Effective ways to make your customers feel safe while browsing your website

Following are the ways to demonstrate your website’s trustworthiness:

– Scan website and install security updates regularly

Malware can infect both your PC as well as website. Such malware cause websites to display irrelevant ads, load slowly and even infect your customer’s device. You need to monitor your website for malware and other security problems on a regular basis through a virus scanner.

– Make use of strong passwords

Having a well-maintained website with a strong password makes your site look more user-friendly. You can choose a password with at least eight characters and a combination of capital/lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Creating strong passwords help you protect your site from attackers and ensure that your website is safe and secure where your customers can visit and make purchases.

– High-quality web design

According to Adobe, “most people prefer a site that’s designed to be beautiful over one that was designed for simplicity”. It means that beautiful design does matter. Adding a high-quality design to your website ensures customers that you’re a reputed brand or a well-established one in the market. You can include unique content, images, layout, and illustrations to attract your customers.

– Transparency Policies 

Your terms & conditions and business policies must be authentic, clear, and visible to your audience and customers. This will let them know what to expect from you while doing business through your website. You must publish your privacy policy; let your visitors know what type of data you collect and how you use it, share your terms and condition which outline what your company is, etc.

– Show your credibility through social proof

People are always skeptical and are hesitant about new websites. Showing the pieces of evidence or approval of other users will help them feel more secure about your site. Ultimately, they will feel more confident about your products or services, as they can clearly see from pieces of evidence that people have used them and had a positive reaction. For this, you can post customer reviews, testimonials, get your products featured on credible sites, etc.

– Payment Options

This is the most important aspect of security on any website. Some people usually don’t feel safe in online transactions. However, you no need to lose sales just because buyers prefer not to use credit cards. Services like PayPal make it possible for consumers to shop at various platforms without sharing credit card info. Offering these options will make your customers feel safer on your site. 

Final words!

In the final section of this article I just want to tell you guys that having a website doesn’t make a much difference. Adding variable to it such as safety and security of your customers, authentication, high-performance of site, relevant info, credibility, user-friendly site, providing cloud-based security, and a lot more will surely gonna make a huge difference for your site.

All the above tactics will surely make your customers feel safe and secure while visiting or browsing your site. For more info get in touch with us till then keep reading keep sharing.