‘Was There A Google Update.com’: A new SEO Tool for webmasters.

SEO Tool for webmasters

Every month and every year Google makes hundreds of changes to search. According to the study, Google made 3234 updates in 2018 – an average of almost 9 per day. However, most of the changes are minor but occasionally Google rolls out a major algorithm update that affects search results in significant ways. Whenever Google makes updates, it becomes tough to visit a particular website to check all the recent updates by Google.

Presently, there is one site which is the popular one in the digital world that is SEroundtable.com. But I guess, this site doesn’t give a complete analysis of updates or might not give you tedious answers to your questions.

So where to go? Which site should you use to check all the recent updates of Google? Guys, the happy news for you is that a new site is released for all who want to get the fastest results.

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WasThereAGoogleUpdate.com – A new SEO tool released

Yes, you read it right. “WasThereAGoogleUpdate.com” is a new SEO webmaster tool released for all the people who want to get quick answers and solve their queries. Right now, we all know that the seroundtable is the most comprehensive and largest database of tracking files. It stores confirmed and unconfirmed all the Google updates of all sites. However, it becomes a daunting task to search for updates in archive sections.

Therefore, to solve this problem Barry Schwartz, founder of the search engine roundtable made a new site under the name “WasThereAGoogleUpdate.com.” The site is developed to help you find the answers in the fastest way.

How the new site will work for you?

I’m sure after reading out the first para, you might be healing because the site is worth using. It will only reduce your time wasted on searching or getting relevant updates on Google. If you want to use this site then follow the process below.

  • When you visit the site, you will see a box. In this box you need to enter the month, day, and year of the update you want to get information on.
  • After mentioning the date, just click on search and you will get the output now you can click on the stories to learn more. You will get update like:

“Yes, there was possibly a Google update on or around that date. Here are Google update stories from the Search Engine Roundtable that might be related to this Google Update.”

  • Finally, you will get the list of recent updates if Google made any.

Is the website useful for marketers, bloggers, and webmasters?

What do you think the site is a perfect landing spot for you to get updates on Google? I think yes guys, it is. The site “WasThereAGoogleUpdate.com” is literally a good one for all the webmasters, bloggers, and marketers to know what’s going on in the SEO world. However, the site owner says that the site is not 100% perfect because there are some stories that are in Google updates category that is more exactly about a specific update. But he said, “I will try to clean up the categorization a bit more over time but it is pretty good.”

In addition, the date you will fill up in the box to get an update, will only far as back as December 2004. Moreover, this site is a useful one for debugging issues for your clients and new clients.

Summing up!  

No matter how the world is battling with the COVID-19 epidemic but the SEO world will not stop introducing changes or updates. The monthly Google updates become difficult to search on Google or find relevant content on it. The present site that provides all the recent updates from Google is SEO roundtable but now this new site will give you more specific information in a fastest way. I have already talked about the site in this article. So if you want to get more authentic, relevant, and fresh news then you can visit the “WasThereAGoogleUpdate.com” site.

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