Traffic and Conversion Summit 2020 postponed due to Coronavirus

Traffic and Conversion Summit 2020

Every year hundreds of digital marketing events take place across the world. But you know what is the hub of digital marketers? The hub spot for digital marketers is San Diego, California where majority of digital marketing events and summits take place. Recently, social media marketing world conference took place in San Diego and I also written an article on same. Coming back to this article, one more event is going to take place in San Diego which is Traffic and Conversion Summit 2020. Hold on guys! Now this event has been postponed. And you know what the reason behind, yes it is Coronavirus.

Guys, you no need to worry because this event is just postponed for a while which will start soon. Anyway, in this article I’m going to share about Traffic and Conversion Summit major facts which will help you understand this event in a more detailed manner. So let’s get stared now.

What Traffic & Conversion Summit is all about?

Traffic & Conversion Summit is a digital marketing event where a lot of marketers, professionals, agency owners, consultant, or entrepreneurs participate to learn what’s actually working in digital marketing. Moreover, the event attracts thousands of the world’s top marketers to attend this speaker events and network with like-minded professionals. Here marketers learn about the proven tactics to increase traffic, conversions, and sales.

Here are the seven different tracks which this summit features for various types of marketing.

  1. Big ideas: for founders and marketers who want to know what to do next.
  2. Agencies only: client serving tools and strategies for consultants.
  3. Digital retailers: who focus on ecommerce marketing.
  4. Digital advertisers: for traffic managers and media buyers.
  5. Content marketers: marketers working with digital content.
  6. Conversational marketers: focus on inbound selling methods like chat and bots.
  7. Growth hackers: for analysts and optimizers looking for big growth.

Traffic & Conversion Summit to postponed due to Coronavirus

Coronavirus has becoming a serious concern day by day which is affecting the entire world. Due to which major events has been postponed. And now one more major event Traffic & Conversion Summit has postponed due to this. Earlier this event was to conduct on 31st March – April 2, 2020 in San Diego, California. It would have been a 3 days event but now it has postponed and not yet revealed when it will conduct again.

Do you want to know the Traffic & Conversion Summit 2020’s speaker? 

I’m going to share with you a list of speakers who will participate in Traffic & Conversion Summit 2020. Have a look at them below.

  • Amanda Powell – Acquisition Manager, Digital Marketer.
  • Arri Bagah – Founder & CTO, Conversmart.
  • Laura Belgray – Founder, Talking Shrimp.
  • Ezra Firestone – Founder & CEO,
  • Sir Richard Branson – Founder, Virgin Group.
  • Ashley Ward – Digital Marketing Strategist, SEMrush.
  • Laura Belgray – Founder, Talking Shrimp.
  • Natasha Takahashi – Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, School of Bots.
  • Michelle Smith – Owner, CBQ (Chief Bot Queen), Your Marketing Therapy.
  • Dev Basu – Chief Experience Officer, Powered by Search.

Are you wondering why should you attend this event?

Do you wanna take your digital marketing business to the next level? If yes, then you should definitely attend this summit. Being a part of digital marketing means you should have the most up to date information which changes almost on regular basis. Traffic & Conversion Summit is one such event that features the world’s savviest marketers imparting their knowledge about digital marketing businesses.

Besides, Traffic & Conversion Summit is divided into seven different tracks which I explained you above, based on your experience you can decide which one you need to succeed in your business.

Final words!

Most of the digital marketers would be waiting for this event to happen but now you have to wait more because there is no such information has revealed about when this event will be take place. Well, don’t get fret guys, surely the event will be conducted soon. You just have to keep patience and keep updated yourself with my articles.

If I get to know anything about this event then I will inform you for the same. Till then keep reading and get in touch with us for more articles.