Top 7 Ways To Write Engaging Instagram Captions?

Instagram Captions

There is nothing new if I say Instagram is the most used visual platform in the world. Not only it is a photo interactive app, but also becomes a marketing app where marketers can advertise their brand products. As per the report, over 70% of the US businesses are already active on Instagram, but some of them focus entirely on visual elements of the content. And it is a fact that more than 100 million photos are uploaded on Instagram daily. But the reality is Instagram is much more than a photo app.

People forget here one thing which is ‘Caption.’ Instagram caption is as critical as a photo. You know why? It is because a few lines of texts not only help to provide context for your image but also highlight your brand personality.

So what should you write? How do you attract the audience’s eyes to your caption? If you have these questions, you’re at the right place. In this article, you will 7 different ways to write engaging Instagram Captions.

Let’s get started.

Learn top 7 unique ways to write Instagram Captions

#1. Talk about important information in first 125 words

The first tip to write an Instagram caption is to talk about important information in the first 125 words. Instagram is optimized especially for a mobile viewing experience. It simply means that only 125 characters of a caption would show up in a user’s feed. If your caption is appealing then the user will click on it to view more. Don’t just think that you will be able to grab the attention of people just by posting images without caption. To catch the audience attention then you have to add an engaging caption to your images. To make your caption text catchy, you should use the method of inverted-pyramid to prioritize the information you want to convey to users.

#2. Tell a beautiful story describing your brand

How do people trust your brand? As per the stats, 86% of users prefer a brand with an honest, authentic, and personalized social media presence. And the same approach you can use to gain the user’s trust for your brand. You can build brand authenticity with your Instagram caption by telling a beautiful story about your brand that helps you connect with readers. Don’t get people love reading only read and honest stories not just fake stuff. Why I am saying so? It is because there are many digital marketers who do anything to sell their products in the market; they tell fake stories, show fake reviews, and much more to attract the audience towards their products. So if you do so, people will start hating you and your brand. Be authentic and talk only about what is real and genuine.

#3. Ask relevant questions to encourage engagement

What makes your audience engage with your content? Do you think telling a story will help you attract the audience towards your brand? Not necessarily, because people want something interesting and engaging to read. The one best way to engage the audience on Instagram is to ask questions. Yes, asking the relevant question always gives users something direct to respond to. When people respond to your questions they usually come up with engaging answers. One thing keeps in mind that the random questions will not generate meaningful engagement with your brand. However, there are many ways to ask questions such as asking for feedback, closed or binary questions, etc.

#4. Add images in caption to show your personality

Emojis are the most interesting way to make any conversation engaging and catchy. In digital marketing, emojis have been in use since 2015. They are the most common in the world of social media. Now almost 50% of marketers on Instagram use emojis in their posts. So adding emojis in the Instagram caption can also add glory to your caption and make it more engaging and interesting in reading. As per the sources, Instagram posts with emojis actually have higher rates of engagement than posts without emojis. One such example is the Allbird brand which uses dessert emojis to show the sugary theme of their product. Don’t add random emojis and lower down your brand image in the market.

#5. Include call to action

Call to action is also a great way to make your Instagram caption engaging and appealing. There is no doubt that adding call to action button in your Instagram caption helps you drive traffic and increasing conversion rates. Let’s take an example, asking your followers to visit your latest blog post or answer your question. Let me also tell you that if you ask people to do something might cause you to lose some of your audience. People don’t usually like when they are forced to do something. Furthermore, the goal of call to action is to encourage users to engage with your brand. Some of the examples of call to action are:

  • Like if you agree
  • Visit our site
  • Tag us in your photo
  • Book your order now
  • Comment if you agree, etc.

#6. Use hashtags (#)

Hashtag # is one of the most used icons in social network sites. Why it is so, because engagement on social media sites is very important and one such way to increase engagement is to use hashtag. As per the research, posts with at least one hashtag receive more likes and comments than posts without any hashtag. One most famous example of posts with hashtag is #me too movement. This post received millions of likes and people started following it also. So if you use hashtag in your caption, you will reach users who follow the hashtag as well as who follow you personally. Furthermore, try to separate your hashtag from the rest of your caption so that people can easily identify it.

#7. Add famous quotes and mention other pages

Every person wants to get inspired by someone or something. For example, famous leaders, actors by their work, and quotes. In the case of the Instagram caption, you can use quotes from someone. This is one of the best techniques to make your caption beautiful and inspiring. So whenever you post a picture, you can include a relevant quote from someone. It will add an interesting touch to the events taking place in the image. The more unique and relevant quote you will add in your caption, the more engagement you will see in your post.

Final words

Instagram captions are the most engaging way to sell your products in the market. Beautiful and great captions help marketers sell their products on Instagram because they increase engagement, bring two-way conversions between brand and followers, and direct followers to check out calls to action. So whenever you want to write a caption, you must write in an engaging and interesting way so that people can click on ‘more’ to read it.

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