Top 7 trends for UX design in 2020.

The ‘user experience’ is one of the most important buzz-word from the last decade in the digital marketing industry. The aim of every marketer is to provide great user experience to their site visitors. As a website operator, you have to provide a pleasant user experience for converting them into a customer. For that, you also have to keep updating your website for user experience (UX) design. Every year UX design gets changed. That means you need to stay up to date and keep your eCommerce site design both easy to use and aesthetically appealing in 2020.

So if you also want to enhance UX design for your website then you must follow the best UX trends in 2020. This article will enlist the top 7 trends for UX design for you to integrate into your website.

Are you ready to learn the latest trends in UX design? If yes, let’s have a look below at the list.

The top 7 UX design trends you need to follow in 2020

1. Immersive 3D elements

The first UX design trend you need to look here is 3D elements. Although 3D design elements have fascinated users for many years, they are continued to be an amazing trend in 2020 also. The 3D elements are still popular in the present year and continue to dominate the digital world in coming future as well. Why it is so? Because Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies have gained momentum now. Therefore, combining these two technologies to create hyper-realistic 3D visuals taking up the whole user’s screen is a great idea.

3D element trend allows UX designer and entrepreneurs to beautify their websites. How this will work? The more 3D elements you add on your website, the more customers will be encouraged to stay longer to your site. Such visuals attract users to visit your site again and spend a long time there. However, if you want to go with this trend, make sure your website has a high performance. Otherwise, the response of your site will be slow.

2. UX Writing

Do you think people will read your uninformative, irrelevant, and unauthentic content on your site? Neither you nor your visitors will read out such content that contains fake information, right. Therefore, UX writing has also become the main trend of UX design in 2020. Today, the focus is only on providing to-the-point information that brings value to them. No one likes creative and intentionally decorated words because their focus is only to read what is authentic and genuine. Every website owner should know this because it will lead to more customer engagement and conversions. So what you should follow to produce an effective copy of your content? Here are some tips-

  • Try and stick to the point and don’t beat around the bush.
  • Use present tense + active voice in your writing
  • If you add important information then use numerals to highlight
  • Make sure you provide objective to the user before they proceed further to read more.

3. Incorporating dark theme mode

The third UX design trend you have in the online world is dark mode. Though the dark mode is not new, it is released back in 2018. Nevertheless, it is still in trend and continues to be in the future. Bright backgrounds have always been in used since the technology phones, computers, and laptop devices came into existence. But we always love new changes. So the new change here is dark mode. However, there is a scientific reason for the introduction of dark mode. As per experts, a bright light in the darkness is not good for the eyes. Therefore, since iOS and Android announced dark mode themes, many apps are shifting their focus towards embracing this trend.

Additionally, this dark mode theme become an important UX design trend and made a huge positive impact on the digital market. Therefore, UX designers have been taking full advantage of the available design opportunities in the market. So the brighter in the day and darker in the night gives the power of choice of users.

4. Chatbots as the norm

I assume you all are familiar with the term chatbots. The demand for chatbots has increased as the artificial intelligence is powering them. It is very clear that no business can handle tons of questions and reply to them in a single time. Therefore, incorporating chatbots in your business will help you tackle your customers and site visitors. As per the study, 51% of customers are more likely to purchase from an eCommerce store if there is a live chat. In addition, 44% say that one of the most important features on an eCommerce website is answering questions in real-time. So now you can think a business that runs 24/7 needs to involve chatbots on their website to make user experience more enhancing and engaging.

Moreover, chatbots are a great customer service alternative when a human is not available. No doubt chatbots are quick in answering your eCommerce customer’s questions and assisting in products. Therefore, the chatbot is very much in the UX design trend in 2020.

5. Embrace Minimalism

The next great trend for UX design in 2020 is embracing minimalism. So what does minimalism exactly mean? Suppose, your site is filled with visuals trash which is making users experience tired and freaky. This also leads to taking more time in uploading your site. Therefore, here comes minimalism where you avoid adding trashy things and bulky website design and implement minimalism. The more easy and simple your website is, the higher number of users you will see visiting your site. Today, people only choose interfaces that don’t require a lot of traffic to work with.

To make a simple UX design of your website, you can hire a UX design professional to ensure that your eCommerce website is both functional and visually appealing. The simpler your website is, the easier it will become for users to navigate it.

6. Appealing animations

UX design is all about visuals and making the website more attractive and appealing. Therefore, the next UX design trend we have in the list is animations. The human eye is very much attracted to animations, visuals, and images especially those that are moving. So using animations in your eCommerce website UX design can really help guide your visitor’s attention. What kinds of animations you can see? Look at below to know-

  • Hovers (It is an effect that shows up when your cursor hovers over a specific element on the website)
  • Cinemagraphs (small and repeating animation images are called cinematographic, they give your website static eCommerce website a little extra value)
  • Buttons (A very simple animation as changing the color of the button when someone clicks on it)

There is no doubt that moving elements give delight to users and enable them to spend more time on your site. So don’t forget to add this trend in your UX design.

7. Unusual color combination

The last UX design trend left in the list if an unusual color combination. 2020 has become more digitized since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world because every country got lockdown and the only source of communication left is digital marketing, social media platform, and websites. So if your site is not appealing in color then forget you will get any visitor on your site. You can attract users with limited -number of colors and bright combination that will definitely stick in their memory. So if you want to succeed in implementing the trend, you should try new and different things. So what colors you can use to enhance your UX design? The best colors could be neon, white, lite blue, and glowing shades and intense colors on your site.

Don’t forget that the color of your site is the most crucial part of UX design. The more light, glowing, and sparkling color you use for your website the more you will be able to great UX experience to your customers.

The bottom line

Finally, there 7 were the best UX design trend you can implement on your website. Don’t just sit and think users will like your outdated site and UX, you have to keep updating your site and follow up on the new trends to provide a great and enhancing user experience. Thereby, try to follow these trends and enhance your brand in the market. The more appealing your site design will be, the more customers you will generate to your site.

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