Top 7 tools to get quality backlinks in 2020.

quality backlinks

In many of my articles, I have talked about the importance of quality backlinks, if you remember. Backlinks are known to bring an abundance of traffic to your site but only if you have quality backlinks. Many webmasters make mistakes by adding low-quality backlinks to the site and get penalized by Google. If you are doing this then stop there right now. Link building is an easy process you no need to do anything that makes Google take any action against you.

If you are still facing difficulty in generating quality backlinks then this article is for you. Here you will learn about the best 7 tools to get you quality backlinks on your website.

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The best 7 quality backlink generating tools for you in 2020

1. Ahrefs

I assume you might have heard about Ahrefs even if you have then no problem. Let me tell you that Ahrefs is the world’s number one tool for building quality backlinks to your site. It is software that is best designed for SEO pros. Not only it helps you generate backlinks on your site but also prepares audit, backlink analysis, URL rankings, competitive analysis, and many more. However, it is used mostly for SEO analysis. Ahrefs is very easy to use a tool as compared to other tools available in the market.

2. Monitor backlinks

As the name suggests, this tool helps you monitor all your backlinks on your website. This is a traditional backlink tool that you need to use on a regular basis. Monitor backlink tools provide you information on every new backlink, sends you alert when a competitor obtains a new link and provides you information related to keyword ranking and site speed. To use this tool for your link building strategy you need to focus on new incoming links that your competitor receives. This will help you understand of their link building strategy and you will also be able to generate your own quality backlinks.

3. Linkody

The next tool is our backlink building tool is Linkody. This is the best user-friendly backlink tracker. You will be happy to know that Linkody is the cheapest tool available in the market. The tool provides you a variety of features to better understand your backlinks. Moreover, you also get a clear insight into your competitors and what they are up to. One of the main features of Linkody is its ability to email you when your competitors get a new backlink. You can also use Linkody to look at your competitor’s profiles.

4. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is another backlink building tool. Whenever it comes to link prospecting and outreach, Pitchbox is best to fulfill the expectations of marketers. It is a very helpful tool because it creates real, person-to-person connections with the people you want to reach. You should consider this tool to build a backlink strategy because it can take your brand to the next level. In addition, the tool gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with incoming link prospects. It also offers you high-level features to build links in an efficient manner.

5. Broken link builder

A broken link builder is an alternative tool for you. Suppose, you don’t want to build backlinks to your site then you can use a broken link builder tool. The tool itself searches and uncovers broken links within a matter of seconds and delivers the search results to you. If your site contains plenty of broken links then it’s time to create your own backlinks. Broken link builder helps you save time, and find you more opportunity to build your own link popularity.

6. Ubersuggest

No no, this is not a taxi rather it is a backlink building tool. The Ubersuggest helps you get the best high-quality backlinks to your site. If your competitors have a more high-quality link than you, they can easily beat you. Therefore, with Ubersuggest you can gain access to backlink data for your competitors. You can also generate backlinks the same as your competitors after seeing their profile.

7. Link Prospector

The final tool in the list is Link Prospector. If you are tired of manually searching for a resource page on Google, you will love the Link Prospector tool. The tool helps you get hundreds of pre-made search results built right to you. Furthermore, you can analyze your prospects on the list and focus on ones that are likely to link to your site. All you need to do is enter a few keywords related to your site and it will take care of the rest.

Final words

Backlinks are one of the best sources on your site to generate quality traffic. To reach your site worldwide you need to use a backlink building tool. I am not asking you to use these rather you can choose the one think of your need, requirement, and choice. Using one backlink building tool will make a positive impact on your site.

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