Top 12 Creative Lead Generation Ideas for Your Business

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Can your business grow without getting leads? You no need to ponder because the simple answer is ‘NO’. Let’s face it – without leads, you won’t generate sales and without sales, you won’t generate revenue or Return on Investment (ROI). This should not sound hyperbole if I say without leads – business is dead. This is the reason that in digital marketing, marketers and sales teams spend a great amount of time and financial resources on lead generation. However, small marketers find it a herculean task due to money and resources. Still, marketers want results. What could be the solution then?

So, to help you tide over in lead generation process, in this article, we’re digging deeper into the most effective and creative lead generation ideas for your business.

Let’s get into the pool.

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#1. Use the power of SEO of customer reviews

Yes, the first creative idea for lead generation is the power of SEO for customer reviews. Once in a business, you had customers who made a purchase on your site. And some of them might have truly written a review on your site. So why not take advantage of that? Reviews are the best way to enhance brand presence and get noticed by the right audience in the market. You can always encourage your customers to leave reviews on Google. This increases your chances of getting found by qualified leads and prospects in search. So when your SEO is strong, people can easily look for your company’s reviews.

#2. Learn the success secret from thought leaders

Who doesn’t like to know about the story of a successful man or thought leader in the market? Knowing the story of the thought leader is the first way to provide valuable content to people. You should always get in touch with thought leaders and interview them to uncover their secrets. Uncovering the secrets of leaders and learning from them helps you deliver the best advice out there in the market. Furthermore, you can also ask them to guide you on a particular topic so that you can generate more leads for your business.

#3. Produce helpful videos to solve the queries of your prospects

Today’s era is full of images and videos. People like video content more than text content. Reading a long text content can certainly make you feel bored at a certain point in time. Your prospects want easy and fast solutions to their problem which can be done via videos. So the video is another important element for generating sales leads for the business. Try to produce valuable, effective, and helpful videos so that people can get their doubts clear after watching your video content. Make sure you talk about your brand’s specifications, price, and other valuable information that help people easily convert into your potential customers.

#4. Offer easy to understand answer for a tough question

In a digital marketing business, you will always receive the toughest questions that you need to answer at any cost. If you don’t answer, people will think you don’t value their customers. However, you might find the answer to the questions on the internet easily, but remember you can’t copy-paste. You need to articulate your answer the best one that can easily solve the query of your customers. The company that provides the best answers will often get more lead generation. Moreover, you can also solve the query via email because the more personalized you become, the more leads you generate.

#5. Create a quiz

The quiz is the best way to engage people in your business. Why quiz is beneficial for generating leads? When you offer a quiz to your website, you learn more about your customers and obtain their contact information. With a creative quiz, you get to know about the interests and needs of your prospects and people who might make a purchase in the future. The quiz provides valuable information for students in a unique and interactive way. Before starting a quiz, people have to fill out a lead generation form which is helpful in knowing the information about them. Furthermore, you can also use HubSpot Website Grader free online tool to improve your web presence.

#6. Create relevant and valuable free email course

Who doesn’t like freebies or free learning courses? Almost everyone likes it, right! As a marketer, if you start offering valuable email courses to people, you will surely gain a huge amount of lead generation for your business. This strategy is best for busy marketers. And this type of free offer proves to be most valuable. Let’s take an example here – Buffer is one such platform that offers to give 25 social media strategies in 25 days in exchange for an opt-in. The email courses which Buffer offers help people get different consumption style to get valuable information. This works best for Buffer to generate leads for the business. You can also adopt this strategy.

#7. Give out free trial or a freemium product

The free webinar, free brand services, free trials, and freemium products always work best to get leads for the business. People always go with a free trial or freemium products to check the quality and authenticity of it. If they liked it, the chances are they will likely buy it as a customer from you. And this is how you get lead generation for your business. So if you also create a free trial, your brand can do its own selling and encourage people to buy in a low-pressure way.

#8. Try to create brand templates to simplify your everyday task

Every business uses certain kinds of templates on a regular basis to ease out their work. The business templates can include content calendar, employee schedule, market research sheet, and many more. So as a marketer, if you are looking for creative ideas to generate leads then this is the best idea you can employ. Try and create the best business templates for your customers is the perfect way to start a strong relationship with prospects.

#9. Share a customer experience to highlight your brand

Most people fear purchasing new products at the beginning, right! So if you are a small-sized business looking to grab more lead generation then you have to share your customer’s experience with people who are new to you. Your past customer experience will tremendously help you generate more leads for your business. So how do you share your customer experience with people? You can record a video or write questions answer and post this on your website. You must also add your customer’s profile or id so that people can contact them and don’t think that you have posted about the fake customers.

#10. Connect via social media platforms

Who doesn’t have an account on any social media platform? Almost every person has at least one account on any social media channel. As a digital marketing business, if you don’t have a presence on social media then you are behind in the competition. To get lead generation for your business, you must have accounts on various social media sites and make a good presence of your brand. The more visibility you get the more leads you get for your business.

#11. Optimize your LinkedIn account

LinkedIn is one of the best professional social networking sites. And it can be a great lead generation tool for your business. Unlike other social media accounts, LinkedIn is more professional where people connect with other professionals in the LinkedIn community. On LinkedIn, you can get in touch with experts and leaders who can give you advice on various things.

#12. High quality written blog content

Quality content is always a great idea to get a lead generation to the business. Every person likes to read quality, relevant, informative, and authentic content that they find it valuable content. Valuable content can bring glory to your business. If people find your content valuable they will definitely share your content with their friends, relatives and peers.

To sum up,

Lead generation is the best way to enhance your sales and business in the market. So these are all the lead generation creative ideas that you implement in your digital marketing strategy. Therefore, to grow your business and achieve your marketing goals, you first need to invest in lead generation strategies. Let us also know which creative idea you liked the most.

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