The largest API World conference will be virtual this year

This year many events & conferences took place not face-to-face but virtually. And you all know the reason for that, yes you’re right, the global coronavirus pandemic is the major reason for that. Whether the event is small or large, many of them got postponed or conducted virtually in the digital sector. One of the largest API World conferences is going to be held virtually this year. Were you aware of this news before? If not, you have come to the right place.

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In this article, I will talk about the API world conference and when it will be conducted virtually. So are you ready to know? Yes, let’s make a start now.

What exactly the API World conference is?  

API stands for Application Programming Interface. And API World conference is the World’s largest vendor-neutral API conference and expo that organizes the API economy. API World is produced by DevNetwork, the organization for the World’s developer community for engineers & IT industries. In other words, it is the world’s largest microservices conference. Well, the API world is dedicated to the mission to be independent. It facilitates connections, knowledge, and business within the API developer community.

The aim of API technologies is to empower developers & engineers to build the backbone of the multi-trillion-dollar market for API-driven products and services.

Let’s now move on to read the update of API World conference below.

The largest API World Conference will be conducted virtually

Guys, this is the first time that the largest API World conference is going to be held virtually for attendees. This will be the 9th year of the conference. For the past 8 years, API World has been the world’s largest API event.

In 2020, the conference will be hosting 4,500+ virtual attendees for 150+ online keynotes, workshops, and conference sessions. And a 2-day Virtual Expo, speaker Q&As, and many online marketing opportunities. There will be over 300 hours of content.

On what date the conference will be live?

The question which you all would be craving to know, right. Let me tell you that the API World conference will happen on October 27-29. The conference will keep the entire API & microservices community connected. If you want to attend the conference, register yourself on the official website of the API conference and wait for the event to conduct.

Let’s now talk about the Theme of the API World conference

The 2020 API World conference theme would be: The Project Lifecycle

In the past decade, the API industry has seen an incredible amount of technology innovation. To make this year’s event interesting the API World is adding new tracks on API Project Lifecycle. This project will help developers know how they can manage their API projects from start to end. Here are some major topics that the conference will cover:

  • The common errors and pitfalls that an API project team makes.
  • How do microservices, swaggers, GraphQL, API management tools, API analytics, and security tools fit into the API project lifecycle?
  • How entrepreneurs planned, launched, and managed their API projects, both internally and externally?

There will be many more topics that you will cover get to know in the event itself.

Aren’t you curious to know about the speakers addressing in the conference? Our next section is about speakers only. Just continue reading below.

Speakers at API World Conference 2020

At the conference, many industry leaders will come to address people. The speakers basically include technical leaders & executive from:

  • Salesforce
  • Adobe
  • RapidAPI
  • eBay
  • Red Hat
  • U.S Bank
  • Getty images
  • Citrix
  • ADP
  • Toptal
  • IBM
  • HERE
  • and many more

What else you can expect from the API World conference 2020?

  • The conference will feature 150+ speakers, 4,500 attendees, and 200+ workshops & sessions across 8 virtual stages.
  • You will see an expanded microservices world – new content covering microservices, Containers, Service Mesh, Kubernetes, and Microservices Design & Architecture.
  • Technical workshops, virtual networking opportunities, and an expended virtual expo with 50+ exhibitors.
  • You will get to learn about digital transformation, new technologies/languages 2020, API monetization, API strategy/enterprise modernization, API security, and many more.
  • In the API Executive Summit, leaders from the technical world will tell you stories of their success or failure on their API initiatives.

The bottom line  

API World conference 2020 will be worth attending events for an engineer, start-up, or enterprise that consumes and provides multiple APIs. The ultimate aim of the conference is to encourage participating attendees and companies to support and connect with each other, impart ideas, and learn online amidst the covid-19 global pandemic. So if you want to enhance your knowledge about API then make sure you attend the conference.

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