Some Tips & Tricks: How Videos got viral on YouTube?

Videos got viral on YouTube

Want to make viral YouTube videos than follow these tricks

To make your video viral on YouTube is not an easy task and majority of the videos that got viral over YouTube has some sort of uniqueness. It could be positive or negative that is another thing.

But consistently making your video viral on YouTube requires different skills so today we are going to enlist some major tricks of making viral video. Let’s jump into this:

1. Keyword research:

I don’t know how many people aware of that YouTube almost works like Google that’s why sometimes it also stated as world’s second greatest search engine. Similarly keywords also play an essential role not only in Site/page optimization but also in video optimization.

Therefore on topic or category on which you made videos go to channel of famous You tubers of that industry in other terms your competitors and see what keywords they are using in their videos. You will get the idea regarding the quality keywords used in your industry.

2. Optimize the file name:

You have noticed before publishing video on YouTube automatic generated title such as “RZR345” something like this appear. Rename it by adding some short keywords related to your content. This will help you in vialing the video on YouTube.

3. Improve the title by using right keywords:

On YouTube majority of us aware about thumbnail how content creators design the thumbnail that attracts the visitor to the video. Similarly using right keywords with right type of video could make your video viral over YouTube.

You should use the title that has element of suspense or curiosity such as “How to make apple pie”. By using fitting keywords like new recipe you can optimize your title: New recipe delicious apple pie.

The ideal title here doesn’t answer the user query. Here at the title only mold it in a way that user will bound to click or see your video. 

4. Mobile compatible videos:

Well if you want to make your videos viral on YouTube then this is a main trick. You cannot undermine this. The majority of YouTube traffic comes from mobile so optimizing the videos according to smartphone specifications becomes primary objective.

If you want to check mobile traffic of your channel then open your YouTube channel from Mobile. Click on channel icon after that click on creator studio, under the left hand navigation click to analytics followed by devices. There you can check your mobile traffic and filter it down by operating system.

5. Writing or filling the description:

Well this may seems to be boring task but believe us it plays an important role in making your video viral. By effectively filling description not only your video become viral but also your subscriber base of web traffic on your channel increase drastically.  

If possible than write description of minimum 300 words compiled with unique keywords and phrases related to your brand or industry. You can also add here social media profile links so that more users get connected with you.

6. Adding subtitles:

Well this is the most undermined trick but try to observe most famous YouTube creators. They definitely contain this element in their videos.

Visit YouTube and see reaction channels majority of reaction/review channel has subtitles or I would say that subtitles is the key to success of YouTube channels.

According to a data 4 percent of views of those channels have increased which has English subtitles. So it is advisable if you add subtitles in your video then chances of getting it viral will be increase.

By applying above mentioned tricks you can create consistent viral videos on YouTube.