Some important tips to manage Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Wants to manage social media marketing then apply these tips

You all are aware about Social Media but what is Social Media Marketing, before going ahead let me clear you this. The process of marketing products and services with the help of social media platforms like Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram twitter etc. is known as Social Media Marketing.

Now some tips to manage social media marketing, let’s get started:

  1. Create separate social media strategy for each platform

“There is a saying that “the faster the horse runs, the more chances of it falling into pitfall” this phrase are suited to many of the entrepreneurs and business owners who jump to social media marketing without any effective plan.

Before jumping to social media platform it is essential that you understand about your business what are its advantages and disadvantages etc. You should have better knowledge about the sector or industry in which you are doing business.

Only then you are able to find the answers of questions like why are you on social media platform, which social media platform is best suited for your business etc.

Therefore, start laying your plan on hardcopy handwritten so that you can refer it whenever your marketing team faces any issue or challenges. Always try to plan according to the platform because the audience of each social media platform varies.

If you are just started social media marketing then it would be beneficial for you to keep the number of active social networking sites but not more than three.

2. Post consistently

As mentioned above that each social media platform varies therefore you have to carefully prepare a schedule for posting your content. Posting one content per day is not going to help you out instead you should be posting 3-5 times in a day. Doesn’t matter if it is a same post, post it again and again.

This will increase the visibility that matters. Also you should aware about when your target audience or potential consumer active online. This will help in increasing the likes and share of your content.

Besides this social media marketing plan you prepare you should mention these things:

•          How many times you plan to publish content on each social media platform

•          What type of content you plan to publish?

•          Social media outreach publishing schedule including how you reach to potential social media marketing influencers.

Also don’t undermine the importance of new content it might be possible that your loyal customers or followers can also following hundred and thousands of other people. If you don’t produce anything unique and new information then your page or site will get lost or forgotten by people in no time.

3. Be picky about what you share

While engaging in social media marketing is sure of what content you share rather than quantity? It means always prefer quality over quantity.

But unfortunately many entrepreneurs and business owners indulge in the process of posting regularly because they think it will improve their visibility.

Yeah it might be true another fact is that you cannot produce quality content in large quantity in regular basis. It means that firms or companies that are producing content on regular basis in healthy amount majority of them is low –quality content and search engine algorithm will never ranked it higher.

So produce less content but never compromise with quality these are things you need to focus while producing content:

  • Relevant to your audience
  • Helpful
  • Entertaining

Create content by keeping these standards in mind and your business growth will be boosted.  Never fall for the trap of tools that suggest content share to your audience because majority of these tools works on SEO patterns like analyzing keywords and data feeds and that content is neither trustworthy nor high quality.

4. Use social media management tool

In case if you are using old and native publishing platform like twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn etc. then you are wasting your time and energy because there are various social media management tools which can perform this task in more refined manner. Social sprout is one of these tools.

Social Sprout:

It is the social media management tool design and developed for brands and agencies of all sizes.

Essential features:

  • The tool is embedded with user friendly interface allows user to schedule its content in advance.
  • This tool also let user to track keywords and identify influencers.
  • With the help of this tool user can publish content across multiple platforms.
  • This tool can easily collaborate with your team
  • This tool can see all your social media feeds from a single dashboard only. Now user doesn’t need to log in 5 different sites for tracking the content.

By using these types of tools one can manage the task of social media marketing in much more simpler and efficient way. The causal or very small scale business owner can manage its social media marketing from their phones only.

But as business grow further and to be professional you need these tools that give you more flexibility and allow you to be more efficient and strategic.

By applying above mentioned tips anyone can manage its social media marketing in efficient manner.