Some amazing features of Mobo friendly website.

Mobo friendly website

According to statistics, 3.5 billion people own a smartphone and 87% of owners use a search engine on their smartphone at least once a day. What does this data tell you? It simply means gone are the days when you would need a laptop or desktop to access to particular website. Now, the world is full of smartphone users and people use their smartphones to get access to websites without having to look for laptop or desktop. As a web master, it’s very important for you to make your website mobile friendly. I tell you why, few years ago, Google had announced that they would deprioritize non-mobile websites in organic mobile search results, since visiting a non-mobile site from a smartphone can deliver poor user experience. 

Having this in mind, I have compiled a list of characteristics of Mobo friendly website that you should implement in your website to win mobile users. Before I talk about this, let me clear you with the concept of mobile friendly website first.

What exactly mobo friendly website is?

Mobo friendly website simply means the sites which can easily open in every screen like mobile, tablet, iPad, and iPod without taking extra or much time in loading a site. Mobile friendly websites can easily fit onto the mobile screen, you also no need to scroll left or right to view the page correctly. Here you just need to scroll up and down to view the content of the page. No zooming in or swiping is necessary.

Let’s have a look at the characteristics of Mobo friendly website

Following characteristics must be implemented by website owners to make their website mobo or mobile friendly.

– A well-responsive website design

A mobile friendly website should be responsive one no matter how many times visitors return to your website using multiple devices. The website should provide the same level of user experience. Responsive design is a web design approach which makes website pages automatically reformat themselves on the device they’re opened on.

– Easy mobile-navigation 

Easy mobile navigation means your site should have enough and large space on mobile screen so that you can avoid missclicks. Your navigation for mobile screen should be vertical and the space between the navigational elements should be large. A good mobile-friendly website always has clear and visible navigational elements.

– Pop-ups free website

Let me tell you that 80% of the users don’t like pop-ups as they hinder the user experience. On mobile, pop-ups become more annoying as they’re so difficult to close. So a mobile friendly website is one which is pop-up free however, if you can’t remove the pop-up from your website, then the great option is use pop-ups when a visitor clicks on the site.

– Quick load time

You often leave the site which takes a lot of time in loading, right! According to research, 53% of users leave the mobile website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. A mobile-friendly website is one which loads the page in a jiffy. In case, your page takes more loading time then you have to reduce it by simplifying your design.

– Zoom and move product images

A good mobile – friendly website is one which enable users to zoom the images of your products. If people aren’t able to zoom it then they will likely to move on to another website. So make sure you also make your site which has option to zoom or move the product images.

– Short and sweet content

Having a long narrated content on site might make visitors feel bored because no one is going to read the content which is enough long. You already know that the screen of mobile is much shorter than that of desktop so try to minimize the size of your content as per the screen of mobile.

– A simple website design

A simple website design would be, the more mobile-friendly website will become. Too many icons, images, videos, and content can hamper the site’s ability to load quickly. A mobile friendly website is one which has images smaller in bytz size and it will ultimately reduce the loading time.

The bottom line!

Above mentioned are some of the best characteristics of mobile-friendly website. As a website operator, make sure your site should contain all the above features because these are what make the site mobile friendly as well as user friendly. With these features, your website will be one step closer to achieve its business objectives.

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