Do you know why your SEO strategy isn’t working?

SEO is indeed a significant part of digital marketing without which getting site rank, visibility, traffic become almost impossible. Moreover, SEO plays a crucial role in the contribution of ROI. And this is the top-notch reason why online marketers keep investing in SEO. Well, it usually takes 3 months for getting proper result of SEO, but what if you don’t get to see results and your SEO strategy gets failed?

SEO strategy

Is it worth investing in something which doesn’t fetch you fruitful result after a span of time? Not at all. Nevertheless, there are some online marketers who keep on investing in SEO strategy which isn’t even working for them. The burning question is – why SEO strategy isn’t working? What’s exactly going wrong? Are you aware of the reasons? If no, this article is for you. Here you’re going to learn about the reasons why your SEO strategy isn’t working.

Are you ready to learn? If yes, let’s make a start.

Top reasons why your SEO strategy isn’t working

Following given are the reasons why your SEO isn’t performing well…

Just read every point thoroughly.

#1. Slow loading website

The first cause slowing down your SEO performance could be slow loading website. You should know that the website speed plays a big role in online marketing. According to Google, your site should load within 3 seconds more than that it is fully-fledged ranking factor. Additionally, Google also prefers fast loading websites and ranks them higher in search results. Some reasons below highlighting why your site is slow:

  • – Too many 404 and 401 redirects
  • – Large images and videos
  • – Conflicting plugins
  • – Underperforming website theme

…and so on.

To check the performance of your website, use Google’s Page Insight Tool. The tool provides you information so that you can get out of the slow lane.

#2. Underperforming On-Page SEO  

You might have heard different types of SEO like on-page, off-page, white hat, grey hat, black hat, etc. but one of the main SEO here is On-Page. If your On-Page SEO isn’t up to mark, forget about getting results. What exactly comes in On-Page? There are various factors which come under this such as:

  • – Page title, subheadings, and meta description
  • – Content quality – your content should be authentic, relevant, and relevant.
  • – Images and other multimedia elements
  • – Formatting and headlines

Try to work on these factors and enhance your On-Page SEO. You can also hire content marketing services from an authentic agency.  

#3. No use of right keywords


Next reason you have in the list is use of keywords. For SEO, keywords are very crucial. Keywords play an important role in attracting your site visitors and make them stick to the content. Here you need to perform a research to find out the most targeted keywords which are best for your niche. Obviously, you want to expand your business, right. Why not use localized keywords to reach out to your audience? Also, don’t get stuck with local keywords rather broaden your terms so your website doesn’t appear to only local community.

#4. Not having any quality backlinks

quality backlinks

Backlinks play a vital role for online marketer to get traffic to their site. This is the reason why marketers focus on creating inbound links from other websites which ultimately becomes a part of successful Search Engine Optimization strategy. Let me tell you that high-value backlinks becomes a primary ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. However, a lot of marketers use spammy backlinks to drive traffic to the site, but Google penalizes such practice. Make sure whatever backlink you create are authentic and full of quality.

#5. Publishing very short blog

length of the ideal blog post

What is the use of the article which is only about 400-500 words? Do these articles get high traffic or user-engagement? Not at all. So why to waste time and money creating short content which aren’t worthy? If you want high traffic on your site, make sure you produce content at least of 700 -800 words long. Anything shorter than this is complete waste. In fact, Google also gives priority to longer content because short content doesn’t solve users’ queries. Thereby, your content should be long with relevant keywords stuffing.

The bottom line

If your SEO strategy isn’t working or producing relevant results for you then you have read above what possible reasons could be slowing down the performance of SEO strategy. Make sure you work on the above reasons and save yourself from getting failed in SEO strategy. Don’t forget that getting success in SEO isn’t overnight game; it requires weeks or months to get successful results. So keep practicing, and remember the famous adage, ‘practice makes a man perfect.’

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