Pros and Cons of SEM in digital marketing

Digital Marketing

The search engine marketing is a type of digital marketing that includes the promotion of websites.

By increasing their visibility in SERPs (search engine result pages) via paid advertising method is called SEM.

It is also called the marketing which takes place via paid media budget.

But today we are going to discuss about some major pros and cons of SEM in digital marketing. Let’s get started:


1. Expanding the online reach:

It is the greatest advantage of Using SEM in digital marketing. SEM is solely depends upon paid media budget.

It means PPC form of advertising is the essential part of it.

By evaluating size of business marketer/advertiser can spend handsome amount of money on keywords that will attract internet users to your ads.

As a marketer you only need to pay for the ads that visitor will click.  This is the great technique of expanding your online reach.

2. Helps in improving bounce rate:

Yes, whether you believe it or not if you deploy right SEM tactics then it will improve your bounce rate. Bounce rate refers to a time that visitors spend on your site.

If visitors stay on your site for longer period that means you have low bounce rate which is good thing.

But if visitors don’t stay for longer period on your site they visit other sites quickly. It means they are bouncing on other sites rapidly, your site unable to hold them for longer period.

In other words your site bounce rate is high. High bounce rate can devalue your site rankings from SERPs. 

But if you deploy right SEM tactics then it can improve your bounce rate and overall ranking of site.

3. Establishing brand identity:

Yes search engine marketing helps in establishing brand in the market. It helps in branding because SEM is the extended aspect of digital marketing. 

As compared to traditional marketing, SEM provides exciting prospects such as online purchase of goods and services. This helps in brand building even create a base of loyal customers.

High brand value eventually pushes your brand on top of Search engine result pages. When your company gains higher spot then it means that it receives large number of hits.

4. Improving the condition of local businesses:

Yes, it is a greatest advantage of SEM that it hugely benefits small scale or local businesses.

For any country local industries are the backbone of their overall industrial sector. They support the large scale industries by providing them raw materials. 

To be honest, SEM does wonders for local businesses. Over 70 percent of internet users are local searchers for information regarding varieties of goods and services.

The only thing you need to do is to deployed good SEM strategy. Then after your business could become first preference of many people around your locality.


1. Time consuming:

This is the greater disadvantage of SEM. Since SEM is targeted marketing which means marketer needs to spend lot of time in formulation of right tactics.

Once the marketer drafted the final blue print then it needs to take care of daily updates so that their search engine ranking doesn’t fall down. 

So in simple words all business and firms do not have that much time to spend for this planning.

2. Could prove costly:

As mentioned above that SEM is time consuming this force many brands to outsource the task of Search engine marketing. It means you require lot of money to spend on outsourcing in order to generate fruitful results.

In some cases SEM Company is not live up to the expectations and your resources can get exhausted or over used. This could lead you into a debt trap. 

It means that SEM is not going to benefit small and medium sized business. They might not have enough funds to spend on search engine marketing.

3. Can grant you penalty from search engine:

Since many business owners and entrepreneurs understand the above mentioned disadvantages. Therefore, in order to bypass those disadvantages they use shortcuts in form of deploying black hat/unethical SEM tactics.

If you are also thinking of using deploying unethical SEM tactics then beware because it can strike your search engine indexes.

Search engine algorithms could grant you permanent penalty and your online reputation will get distorted once and for all. 


By understanding above mentioned points we can say that SEM has more pros as compared to cons. But unfortunately cons may be less but they are more impactful. If SEM can do wonders for local business then it can also do disaster for local business.

So, it totally depends upon marketer/advertiser how they utilize Search engine marketing. In what manner they use SEM that will decide the future consequences. It means that if any brand using SEM for improving its online business.

Then it needs to hire experience marketing professional because success and failure is 50-50 in SEM practices. So hire experienced marketing professional for generating fruitful results while doing marketing with SEM method. If you are looking for any Digital Marketing strategy to grow your business globally then we are here to help you. Kindly get in touch to know more about us.