Once again Google is testing the Purple ad label in the local and Map ads?

Google is testing the purple ad label

Do you get to see ads when you perform searches on Google?

Let me tell you guys that in every second, almost 2.3 million searchers are performed on Google and the majority of pages include Google Ads. The ads you see might be in different colours such as blue, green, yellow, and violet. There is a long of history of Google ads (colored) and these ads are exceptionally effective way of driving relevant, qualified traffic to your website. And the interesting thing about these ads is that Google keeps changing the colours of the ad icon. And guess what? This time also Google is reported to add ‘purple’ ad label next to the local listing that are ads in Google Maps Ads.

Although it’s not the first time that the purple colour is being introduced in ad label, in 2016 also Google tested the purple colour in ad label and now again it has introduced it.

So let’s walk through the whole history of ‘Purple’ ad label in the local and Map Ads.

Google to test the Purple ad label in local and Map ads again.

Back in 2016, purple ad label officially appeared in Google Maps. The purpose of introducing the ad label was to show details about the business. For example, if someone clicks the purple icon or your ad in the search box, your ad will expand to show details about your business. So that time Google was testing purple color on ‘ad’ label found in maps matching the purple pin noting the advertiser’s location on the map itself. Also, the purple pin differentiates it from the red organic pins.

However, the 2016 purple ad has changed over the time as the year passed and now Google is planning to test the purple ad label in the local ads, even on desktop.

Have you ever thought why Google always test new colours in ad label?

If you have little scratched your head then you no need to ponder that much to know the answer of this question. As we all know that the tech giant Google always seeks ways to update or change things just to enhance user experience and also to gain some benefits. If we talk about ad labels then the testing new colours in ad label is all about Google’s way of determining which type of label can get more clicks for advertisers, which basically means more revenue for search giant. This could be the only reason why Google is moving onto the purple colour again, just to see which colour can blend within search results and make a strong organic appearance.

Final thoughts!

In this concluding note, I just only want to say that the new changes of colors in ad label is being done just to show how much beneficial could the new color be for tech giant Google. However, there is no exact date is mentioned as when Google will apply the purple color to Google Maps Ad label. We will update you soon if we get any information regarding this, otherwise you can also let us know if you see Google Maps ad in purple color.

Till then keep reading and get in touch with us for more updates.