Now Bing Allows You Free Product Listings!

Bing Product Listings

After Google advertising, if any advertising sector is booming in digital marketing then it is Microsoft advertising. Do you agree with me? Any Microsoft advertiser will surely agree as he knows how much advanced Microsoft advertising is becoming. Today, Microsoft is looking for ways to help retail partners take advantage of the current change. What is this change Microsoft is talking about? Basically, Microsoft shifts retail shopping from in-store to online. But this is not the major change here. Recently, Microsoft updated the Bing Shopping Tab to allow users to add free product listings. Isn’t it interesting? Do you want to know where the update first rolled out?

If you’re a Microsoft advertiser then this is a significant article for you to read. Keep your eyeballs here only. I will talk every minute detail about the update below.

Let’s jump in.

Microsoft allows free listings products list in Bing Shopping Tab

Recently, Bing allowed free product listings in the Bing shopping tab of search. Do you know why Bing announced this update? In April, Google also allowed free listings within the Google shopping tab and then expanded it to the main Google web search results. So you can say that Bing is also going on the path of Google.

Bing said, “We are excited to announce the availability of free product listings, which allows you to show your product offers for free on the Bing Shopping Tab starting in the USA and soon rolling out to other markets –United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany.”

Though Bing has allowed free listing for products, the products might go unseen since they seem to be placed in the footer.

Who all can enjoy the new update of Bing Shopping?

Guys, Bing has clearly said that product listings are currently offered to those who have a Microsoft Merchant Center store with approved offers, and will ramp over the next month. However, a wider section of products allows you to engage with more shoppers online and provide users with more choices to find exactly what they are looking for. So those who have approved offers of Microsoft Center Store can avail of this opportunity.

Let’s dig deeper to know more about it.

How do you enable Product Listing in Bing Shopping tab?

So are you curious to know how to enable product listing in Bing shopping ads? Well, no herculean task is involved in this. First, let me talk about those who are already a Microsoft Shopping Campaign customer. If you belong to this category, then there is no such action required by you to participate. All newly offered products in Microsoft Merchant Center will automatically come into this new offering.

Secondly, if you are not a Microsoft Shopping Campaigns customer, you need to create a Microsoft Merchant Center store. Now submit all eligible products, and ensure they’re approved. After creating the Merchant Center store, you can select for the free product listing offerings. Finally, you can enable your approved products to be eligible to show in the free products listings section on the Bing Shopping Tab.

If you follow the above-given process, you will find it easy to list free products on the footer of the Bing Shopping tab.

Let’s read how Microsoft Shopping Campaign works

The working process of the Microsoft shopping campaign is very easy. The customers at Microsoft do not need to take any action to participate as all approved products offer in Microsoft Merchant Center are automatically opted into free product listings. You just need to click from the Product Listings section of the shopping tab are free. Moreover, retailers also no need to pay any amount for them to enjoy this new feature of Bing Shopping.

However, Microsoft encourages merchants to submit detailed product feeds as data for these organic listings. Additionally, merchants who don’t wish to participate can come out from the setting page of their merchant center store.

Some interesting facts about Product Listings

  • The reporting for Product Listing will be available in Microsoft Merchant Center.
  • If you want to take full advantage of Product Listing, make sure to provide a full rich product feed including your entire inventory. You can also provide a rich data source to feed this new experience.
  • There is no payment required from retailers from the Product Listing center within the Shopping Tab. It is because the listing is completely free.
  • The products you show in the listing must follow the Microsoft Advertising Policies and Product Ad Policies. Make sure all products meet the product specification requirements.
  • In case, you don’t receive free traffic from the listing, you have an option to opt-out through the setting. You can click on the ‘Show free Product Listing in the shopping tab’ toggle.
  • The roll-out of Product Listing is started in the USA and will soon dominate other markets such as Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Australia.

Final words

The new update of Microsoft is really beneficial for digital marketers to get their inventory in front of more shoppers and attracting a large number of audiences. And a wider section of products may also help Bing attract more shoppers to its platform. It can be said that Microsoft is trying to ensure merchants for prominent visibility in the search results. If you’re a Microsoft customer, you can enjoy this new listing but if you are not then you have to create a campaign that you can do by following the given method above.

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