Linking SEO with http url instead of an https url is safe or not?

http url instead of an https url

Http and Https – both these terms are technical and don’t easily fit into people’s mind. In this article I will be as simple and easy as possible. Guys, Http and Https both plays a great role in SEO world as both of them are connected to websites. Many website owners have linked their sites with Http url and many of them connected with Https url. What I have heard is that Http is not that good as compared to Https. So what exactly the difference between the two? Is it safe to link SEO with Http url rather than Https url? Are you getting confused? All your confusion will be eradicated once you read this article thoroughly till the end.

First let’s understand the basics between Http url and Https url below.

HTTP URL: HyperText Transfer Protocol

Http url basically a system which is used for communicating and receiving information across the internet. It is also an “application layer protocol” that means it solely focuses on how information is presented to the user. Here data is share less thereby increases in speed.

HTTPS URL: Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol

What makes this url different from above one is its “S”. Here “S” stands for secure which quite understands that this url is more secure than Http. This url developed to secure and authorize transactions. It exchanges more confidential information. It provides more protection for privacy of data. Even if third-party wants to acquire authentication then they have to sign server side digital certificates which is quite expensive. Moreover, webmasters prefer to use Https more than Http because it is considered to more secure.

Can you link SEO with Http Url rather than Https Url?

Guys, I have already explained the definition of http and https so now it’s time to know whether it’s safe to link http to you SEO or not.

If you link Http to your SEO then it might not load some of your site’s images or other links provided by you on your site. Basically, Http is most commonly used to access html pages. However, I would recommend you to change all your Http links to Https link. Https links are considered to be more safe and secure that’s why webmasters and SEOs can switch from Http to Https links if they want otherwise having an Http link on website doesn’t make that much difference. It’s ok if you have Http link rather than Https link.

Google also says, “It’s fine to link to http urls for SEO”

Yes folks, you read it right. Recently, Google confirms that it’s completely fine if webmaster link their SEO with Http urls. Google’s John Mueller confirms about Http link by saying, “from an SEO point of view, linking to an Http url, instead of an Https url is fine. Google won’t penalize or downgrade your site if you link externally to a non-secure page.”

From the above statement, it’s clear that if your site has Http url then it’s fine but you can always redirect to your site with Https url.

Some SEO benefits of switching to Https url

By now, it’s clear to you that Https offers you more secured platform than Http. So when you do so you surely get SEO benefits from it. Some of them are given below that you need to consider:

  • The first benefit of switching to Https url is that there is a boost in your ranking you get and this is what Google has also confirmed that.
  • A secure referral data or information you get when you link SEO with Https url. So this is completely opposite in the case of Http url.
  • The next benefit of having Https in site is that you add more security and privacy in your website. It prevents sites from third-party intruder, makes site more secure for visitors, protects your confidential data.

The bottom line!

Lastly I want to tell every webmasters and SEOs that you have Http url then it’s completely fine and you no need to concern that much to switch from Http to Https. I also shared with you what Google has said about Http url so you no need to worry. However, you need to let Google in advance that you have moved your site from Http to Https url.

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