Instagram Marketing tips to grow your business online

Instagram is the breadwinner.


Today, Instagram is the most used social media platform (not to chat) to grow business in 21st century. For majority of marketers, Instagram is the source to build brand in the competitive market. Any bootstrapping marketer looking to build huge customer base of the age between 18 and 21, Instagram provides amazing opportunity to build a viable customer base.

De facto, almost 8 million users registered for business account, which makes this platform super competitive one. To grow your business on this platform, you need to be aware of the right Instagram Marketing tips to establish your persona in the market.

In this article, you’ll learn some significant Instagram Marketing Tips to grow your business. So, let’s talk about it below.

Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips to grow your business  

✑ Create an Instagram Business Profile

The journey of commencing a business on Instagram starts with creating a business profile on Instagram. Even if you have personal account on Instagram, just switch it on to business profile. Switching to a business account is just a tiny step, but it can make a lot of difference in your Instagram Business Strategy. With this single step, you get followers, publish ads, publish stories, etc. Moreover, the get in touch contact fetch you more customers to contact you.

✑ Build a compelling business bio

After creating business profile on Instagram, your next step would be to creating a strong business profile. You can’t expect people to buy products from you unless you give them a reason to buy. Well, a key to run an effective business is to create a compelling and strong business profile or bio. Your business profile must include:

  • – Profile photo
  • – Name and user name
  • – Bio should be under 150 characters
  • – Add website link in the business bio
  • – Add call-to-action button

These are the significant things you need to take into consideration while creating a business profile on Instagram.

✑ Sponsored ads will make a huge difference

Your business is nothing without ads. To get the huge audience base, you need to post ads on Instagram. Let me tell you that ads are the most cost-effective way to reach to huge audience and customer base. Here are things you need to consider for Instagram advertising:-

  • – Use image and videos to promote your products and services on this platform
  • – Ads help you get better conversion rate at a low cost
  • – Instagram ads occupy the entire mobile screen thereby hard to miss by any person

With these tips keeping in mind, you will be able to create most engaging ads for your business.

✑ Get along with Influencers

Another powerful tip of Instagram marketing is getting partner with targeted influencer. If you aren’t aware of influencer marketing – it is a strategy to promote your goods and services through renowned social media Influencer.  On Instagram, you will find top influencer (with less to large number of followers). You can contact them and ask whether they will help you promote your product on their platform or not. Forget not, they will charge also. So, make a better deal with them and build a great rapport for future purpose as well.

✑ Promote products on multiple channels

Instagram marketing strategy doesn’t mean to restrict yourself to this platform only. Rather you have to head over to many different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other you could think of. You can’t ignore these platforms otherwise you will lose he customer base. By cross-promoting your products on different social media platforms, you step over to win the market competition. In fact, you also get more followers on Instagram platform. With cross-platform, you boost your brand in the market.

✑ Build solid content marketing strategy

Your business is nothing without content. Since you’re running an online business, content is what makes the difference here. Without engaging and robust content, you can’t grab the attention of people. For that purpose, write compelling and sophisticated content for your brand. What if you don’t know how to write compelling description of brand and service on social media? Fret not! Curvearro offers you top-notch content marketing services at cost-effective prices. We help brands generate engaging posts to strive and thrive in this competitive world.

✑ Run contest on Instagram

You know that Instagram is the great marketing channel in today’s competitive era right. When done properly, you get huge engagement on the platform and huge customer base altogether. If you want to engage with your audience, think of running a contest on Instagram. Here are few contests you can think of running on the platform, which include:

  • – Run a comment contest
  • – ‘Like’ competition – ask followers to like your photo or video to qualify for the competition.
  • – Photo contest – Instagram is popular for being the photo sharing app. This makes sense here right. Ask users to take certain photos and post them in on their personal Instagram account especially with a hashtag designed by you.

With these contest, you will definitely build a huge exposure through hashtag.

Final wordings

In the much online competitive industry, ignoring the power of Instagram will cost you a lot. That’s what the purpose of this article is – to help you attain your business goals through ‘Instagram Marketing Strategy’. If you found this article informative and helpful, that’s great! All you need to do is just follow and implement the above tips and strive your business.

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