Top 5 expected influencer marketing trends for 2021

Who is your favourite influencer? Ask this question to 10 people, you will get 10 different answers because people differ from each other, so their choices. No wonder, influencers are the hottest topic on social media since a decade. Every marketer would pay some attention to know how influencers are doing on social media people pay more attention to sponsored posts that flood into their feeds. As an online marketer, you can’t ignore the power of influencer marketing trends. The aura an influencer can make about your product and service, no one else can. But all you need to do is find the best influencer for your product that can make a powerful impact of your brand in the market. Certainly, influencer marketing can be a great strategy for any marketer.

influencer marketing

If you think you can also gain something from it then you first need to know about the influence marketing trends in 2021.

So guys, I am going to list down the top 5 influence marketing trends for 2021. Ready to learn? If yes, let jump together.

5 Growing influence marketing trends for 2021 that you need to follow

Let me first tell you that influence marketing is will become a $15 billion dollar industry by 2022 having no sign of slowing down. Now let’s dig into the list of trends below.

1. Market your brand via unique content

So you want to leverage influence marketing in your strategy, right. How will you go about it? Will you prepare a unique content or still go with the old one? Let me tell you that a unique content is very powerful in fetching the attention of a large number of audiences. How will you do this? Well, you need to figure out the uniqueness about your product and then making a story that can easily attract your audience. However, you can also ask your influencer if they have any story which they like to share. Never forget that content is the most significant part of influence marketing. Certainly, in 2021, the demand for unique content will be high. Try to produce as unique content as possible.

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2. Creation of short video by influencers

Video marketing is already catching the eyes of the audience and this will continue do so in 2021 year also. There are a lot of influencers who promote products by making a short video. However, the video is not just about being short rather it is more about how unique, engaging, interesting, and informative the video is. Moreover, video proves to be more authentic and genuine which people love to watch. This is one of the reasons why influencers make videos for brand promotion. But don’t forget that a short video is much more viewed than a long one. So focus on creating short video.

3. Go with micro or nano influencers

Today, anyone can become an influencer with unique, engaging, and interesting content. If you also have that kind of creativity then u can also become one. Here I want to say that micro influencer grow tremendously and have more followers than the ones who are already established. People always love to watch new and unique content. Therefore, you must go with emerging influencer who can bring your product in the market. Moreover, micro influencers have less than 100k followers and have made record of maintaining a high level of engagement. Also, micro influencers are cheap to hire as a small business you can easily afford them. Truly, 2021 year gonna be more prominent for micro influencers.

4. Instagram will reign the marketing

Instagram is already reining the digital marketing world and it will continue to empower in 2021 also. Every social media platform has influencers with different levels of followers. Almost 79% of brand use Instagram for influencer marketing if you compare it to other social media channels. This generally makes complete sense as Instagram will surpass 900 million daily users in 2021.  So you can’t ignore Instagram if you want to promote your products in the market. Undoubtedly, you will have more targeted leads to your business which will result in greater conversion rates.

5. Focus on building more long term relations

The last Instagram trend in the list you have is building long term relationship with your influencers. If you’re hiring any influencer then try to build long-term relationship with your influencers. If you keep changing your influencer, then you will not be able to make a good presence of your product in the market. The more strong relationship you build, the more you will be able to brand your product in the market. So it is up to you how you want to work with your influencer.

The final words

Finally, influencer marketing trends can work greatly for your marketing if you want to make a good presence of your brand in the market. Well, creating strong presence of your brand on social media platform is a big part of any successful social media marketing strategy. With above 5 influence marketing trend, you can win the marketing competition in 2021 and also recover what you lost in the last year due to Covid-19 pandemic.

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