Important tips for making engaging Instagram Live Videos

Instagram Live Videos

The Facebook-owned app Instagram is the most used app worldwide. Today, the majority of people have an account on Instagram. There is no doubt that people use Instagram to upload their beautiful pictures. But today, what we see is video is also becoming an integral part of the Instagram community. We all know today the whole world is lockdown and people are not getting off their home. Therefore, Instagram becomes a good tool for people to make live videos and connect with their loved ones. Let me tell you that in 2016, the social media platform launched an Instagram live video on Instagram stories.

Today, people are using Instagram live video option to telecast interviews, talk shows, and promotion of products. So, if you also make live videos on Instagram then you should follow the best tips and tricks for using Instagram Live videos.

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Significant tips to make powerful engaging Instagram live videos

#Determine your purpose of video before going live

The first advice here is to determine the purpose of your video before you go live. What you will talk about? What questions do you want to ask people? Product and services you want to talk about, etc. In spite of making a short video trying to make a larger one through which you can able to deliver the goal of your video. No matter whether you’re hosting live stream for launching a product, or a common talk show, taking an interview, or anything. You just need to pay attention and on words while talking live.

#Practice and prepare in advance

This is a great tip that everyone should follow before going live on Instagram video. It is always good to practice before you do the actual stream on Instagram. You can record a video if your own on your mobile to see how well you perform. If your performance is not good then you can create a loose script and rehearse for the same in front of the camera. This actually will reduce the chances of mistakes while you’re live. After you’re done with the practice, you can see your video to improve your audience’s experience. Check whether the background is okay or not, is your camera steady or not, is the audio clear, etc.

#Engage with viewers 

The whole purpose of going live on Instagram is engaging with viewers and the audience at a large number of the followers you have on Instagram. If your viewers ask you question try to respond and pay attention to their question this way they will engage more. You can also start a question & answer round to see how much engaging your audience is. Moreover, you can make it a weekly session to go live. It will make your followers come back for more knowledge. Try to make the most of your live interaction. This way you will be able to make long term relations with your people.

#Use Add a friend feature to interview someone in your live video

To make your Instagram live video session more engaging is to add others to your live stream. When you add other people to your live video, it creates a fun-loving environment to interact. Moreover, this also expands the reach your live stream beyond your own audience. So how do you add a friend in your live video session? First tap the two smiley faces icon from your live stream to bring up a list of friends. Now tap on the person’s name you want to invite to join your live video.

#Boost your engagement with playful face filter

It is quite common if you go live your audience might get dwindle if there is no entertainment or engagement in your live session. So if you want to interact with more people and reach out to them you need to do something which is fun-loving. For example, you can add a face filter such as puppy ears, sleep mask, bunny ears, koala ears, and love with heart-shaped darts and many more.

Summing up

Instagram Live is a very effective tool for reaching, connecting, and engaging your audience on a single platform. To make your live session engaging one, you need to follow the above tips and tricks. Once you follow these tips, you will see how engaging and creative your Instagram live video is. It will surely delight your viewers. Don’t forget that engaging and fun-loving videos are always shared more than any other. So make your videos as much engaging as possible.

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