Important Security Tips to Protect Your Website from Hackers

Protect Your Website from Hackers

The biggest threat to digital marketers in the present world is hacking. Yes guys, as the technology is getting advanced day by day the webmasters are becoming more conscious as there is a constant security threat to their website. Data breaching, stealing information of people, and using them in a wrong way is an illegal activity that hackers do. Let me tell you that hackers attack small businesses and personal websites. It means if you have a website containing all necessary information might pose a serious threat unless you have applied security cover to it. Your website is your asset and you can’t let hackers hack your site and use all your important data.

There are many webmasters who might have witnessed the hacking attack on their site. If you don’t want a hacking attack then make sure you implement some security tips to protect your website. In this article, I will enlist important security tips to protect your website.

Let’s have a look at below given list of security tips.

Important security tips for you to protect your website from hackers

– Always keep your website software up to date

The first security tip you have here to protect your website from hackers is keeping your software up to date. It is the most crucial element to keep your site safe and secure from hackers. You need to apply this to both server operating systems as well as software that may be running from within the website. This includes CMS and forum. Let me tell you that hackers are always like learning how to navigate existing security features. This is the reason why the software update is necessary as they come with advanced technologies and features for improved security features.

– Careful about error messages

No doubt, we all get irrelevant, unnecessary, and error messages on websites and social media sites. As a webmaster, you must be careful about how much information you disclose from error messages like the language used when displaying a failed login message. You need to provide only minimal errors to your users to ensure they don’t leak secrets present on your server for example API keys or database passwords. It makes an attack such as SQL injection far easier for hackers. Only show users the information that they need.

– Protect against XSS attack

XSS stands for Cross-Site Scripting. It is an attempt when attackers try to add JavaScript into a web form in an attempt to run malicious code for visitors to your site. Here hackers can change the content and when users visit your site then their credentials and login cookies details get stolen. Make sure you don’t allow any injection of active JavaScript content into your websites so that you can ensure website security. Before you submit any data or content, just double check if everything is ok or not.

– Pay attention to your passwords

Everyone knows the importance of keeping complex passwords so that hackers are not able to hack it anyway. One advice you have here is always to use complex, and crucial passwords to your server and website admin area. However, don’t forget the quality when creating a password. We all know passwords require only 8 characters to form so try to use uppercase letter and number to make it strong. It will help you protect your information in the long run. In addition, you can use hashtag passwords that could potentially help you from any damage.

– SQL injection

Another important tip you should use to protect your site from hackers is watching out SQL injection. SQL injections are basically attacks when the hacker uses a web form field or URL parameter to gain access to or manipulate your database. By using SQL injection, attackers can easily insert rogue code into your query that is used to tables, obtain information, and delete important data. However, you can avoid this issue by using parameterized queries.

– Never allow file upload of any kind to your site

No doubt, many webmasters allow people to upload files to their site which is a really harmful activity. Why it is so? No matter, how innocent the file appears it might pose a threat to your site. Allowing users to upload files on your website means inviting hackers to hack your site and impose a security breach. Do not allow any kind of user to upload any type of file to your site. If you do so then it will be a big security threat to your website. If possible have your database running on a different server to that of your web server. It lessens the risk of your data being exposed.

– Use website security tools

Using website security tools is a significant way to protect your site from getting attacked by hackers. There are many commercial and free tools available in the market to help you assist in protecting your website. Security tools such as Netsparker,, OpenVAS, Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework, and many more. These security tools will help you in protecting your site from hackers.

Way forward

Website security is very crucial in the present digital world. And hacking can ruin the years of hard work that you invested in your website. If you are in possession of a website then make sure your website is safe and secure from hacker’s attack. Always check the website and keeping it up to date lessen the chances of hackers to attack your site. However, don’t forget to use the above-mentioned tips to protect your site from hackers.

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