Importance of Domain age for SEO.

Domain age for SEO

Does the domain age of your site really matter? Well, if we see this from the perspective of webmasters, then this is the only factor which is often overlooked by SEOs. Didn’t get my point? Let me tell you, when we talk about SEO or Search Engine Optimization, then there are many factors that contribute to a website’s ranking for specific keywords such as on-page optimization, keyword density, backlinks, etc.

And it’s worth noting that like other factors of SEO, domain age also plays an important role in specifying the ranking of your website. Nevertheless, people don’t consider it as important for their website. And my purpose in writing this article is only to make you aware that how important domain age is for you as an SEO.

So let’s get started.

Domain age: an important factor for SEO

As I have already told you domain name holds importance for SEO, but what is its importance? This is what we need to dig into deeper.

Domain age simply means how old is your website’s domain and when it was registered first. Let’s take an example of a company; registered its domain in 1986 and the website age is more than 30 years. With this example I want to tell you that Google cares deeply about your website’s domain name and its content. The old the domain name of your site, the more you will get higher ranking in search engine result pages with the only condition is that your site has actually indexed by Google.

In other words, a domain has been registered for 15 years and has no actual site up or valuable content, then it means Google has never found any relevant thing from your site and the domain name of your site is as same as you bought it yesterday.

Some points that can help you to understand the importance of domain age.

  • The first idea behind domain age is that well-established sites have old domain names and therefore old domains should have well-established sites with quality contents.
  • New websites have chances of getting used for spam because spammers tend to register and drop domain names quickly and thus spamming sites have newly registered domains. It’s good to check the age of domain first.
  • Domain age will help you to determine the rank of your site and part of SEO work.
  • Your domain age can bring you a high reputation in the market. if you have got a chance to buy an old domain name that has reputation in the market then you’re a lucky person. It will help you to make trustworthy and increase your site ranking.
  • Having an old domain name is significant in getting high traffic to your site. Driving regular traffic can take your money, time and efforts, so buying an aged domain with already established heavy traffic by the previous owner is a big success.
  • The aim of any SEO is getting a higher ranking in search engine result pages (SERP) on Google. Domain age is what determines the rank of your site.
  • Old domain or aged domain carries more weight for SEOs to help them know the past records (old backlinks).

Final words!

Domain age plays a great role for SEOs in getting the site higher in the search engine result pages (SERP) on Google. However it is just a small piece of the puzzle in your website’s SEO, but it will definitely help you.

So knowing domain age will help you determine your website’s overall performance. You can check domain age by domain age checker tools; it will show your domain name, its registration date, and its expiry date. I hope, now you don’t ignore the importance of domain age for SEO.

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