How to use FOMO in Social Media Marketing?

FOMO in Social Media Marketing

Do you want to keep your audience zealous about what your brand is up to and why they should care for it? Then as a marketer, you must adopt a strategy that can ooze out enthusiasm about your products in the market. You no need to look for the new strategy rather you’re quite familiar with this strategy that I’m gonna tell you about. It’s Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) marketing. Many marketers have already used this strategy but didn’t effectively work out for them. So what’s unique in adopting the same strategy again? You’re thinking this right!

Guys, this article will shed light on the use of FOMO in social media marketing. Sounds interesting! Well, social media is already a powerful tool for marketers but it can become much utilizing and ROI driven if you implement FOMO in it.

Tactics to use FOMO to boost social media marketing

– Create scarcity and urgency

This is the first point to consider using FOMO in social media marketing. To promote your products in the market, you need to create scarcity and urgency in your audience so that they can fear of missing out on your products. That’s why creating urgency has always been a top marketing tactic. You need to show people that you have limited products left so that they can make purchases quickly.

– Consistently promote your customer experience

It is an old way method where we all see customer’s reviews before making a purchase. User experience has always been a strong marketing tactic to generate more sales leads. However, it’s a worthy investment if you promote your customer experience on social media platforms. Customer reviews and experience is the only method which will attract new customers and engage followers. It will also boost brand loyalty and awareness.

– Create and promote exclusivity

Another way of using FOMO in social media is by making your products or services available to certain people. These people might be email subscribers, social media audience, or those with a code obtained from a certain platform or from last purchase. That’s why if you create exclusivity in your campaign, people will easily get attracted to your products and make a purchase. Furthermore, you can use words like ‘private’, ‘exclusively’ or ‘premium’ to activate your FOMO and ask audience to sign in.

– Give early-bird rewards

This tactic of FOMO marketing usually means first come first serve. If you have newly launched your business, then FOMO is the best strategy to encourage quick sales. You can clear it by saying that every-birds will be provided with great rewards or gifts for a limited time. Thereby, no one will want to miss out on the great opportunity to buy your products or services. Just propagate this strategy on social media.

– Make use of ephemeral content

Ephemeral contents are those contents which only last for a short period of time such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp stories which last for 24 hours or 1 day. These contents actually excite the audience’s interests. When you write engaging content, it will positively impact your customers and they will surely make quick purchases.

Let’s put it all together

After reading out this article, you can see that fear can be a powerful motivator that can effectively target your audience. When you utilize the tactics of Fear of Missing out (FOMO) in your social media marketing, you will see the tremendous growth in sales and ROI. If you also want to see the growth in your marketing then you must implement the above-mentioned tactics of ‘Fear of Missing out’ in social media marketing.

I hope guys this article was informative enough for you to understand the concept of FOMO in social media. For more updates get in touch with us till then keep reading and keep sharing.