How to make use of keywords in your blogging strategy?

use of keywords in your blogging

Getting long-term free traffic on your blogging is easy? Well, it is. We all know that blogging has been in trend since its first launch in 1994 by Justin Hall. Every person who is good at creative writing can write a blog posts, but what makes his content or blog more creative, authentic, and unique is the integration of the right keywords in blogs. There are many existing writers who try to keywords stuffing in their contents to get the first rank on search engines and thereby end up getting penalized by Google.

However, you no need to do so. Integrating the right keywords in your blog post is the only way of getting a good rank on Google. I’m writing this post who is new to blogging as well as who has been blogging for a long time but knows nothing about keyword research and its use.

So are you ready to dive into keyword game for your blogging?

Understanding the keyword concept

To begin with, keywords are the words that usually people type into a search engine to get information about that particular content. Keywords help you to get more traffic to your site as it simply means discovering words that people type in a search box in search engines while researching the topic your blog is about.

How you can find keywords for your blog?

Folks, I’m going to mention some keyword research tools which will help you to find keywords for your blog. Have a look at them below:


Though this tool you can find long-tail keywords. It shows you trends, search volume, CPC, and level of difficulty in results. It allows you to target search results by city, state or country. It examines keywords and shows you keywords that are being targeted by domains such as page backlinks, social share, and traffic.

Moz’s Keyword Explorer

This tool allows you to find new keyword ideas by typing in a word or phrase and getting back-related keywords. If you want to know what your audience wants then incorporate this tool into your blogging strategy as it gives insight about your audience.

Google Keyword Planner

You can say it is the best keyword research tool to start with your blog strategy. Though it is designed for advertising, you can use it for organic keywords. Customize your search for certain kinds of keywords.

Which type of keywords to incorporate in the blogging strategy?

Let me tell you one thing that not all keywords are important or necessary to incorporate into blogging strategy. Once you make a list of keywords, it’s good if you whittle it down. Let’s see how.

  • Always choose keywords that match your audience. You must have a deeper understating of your ideal audience so that it will be easier for you to detect which keywords out of the bundle they have searched for.
  • Try to look at each keyword’s search volume. It gives you an estimated number of how many people are searching for that keyword every month. You must choose those keywords that lots of people are searching for.
  • Examine the difficulty score of each keyword. This keyword score is determined by the strength of the pages that are currently ranking on page 1 for that keyword.

How you can use keywords in your blogging?

Following tips will help you use keywords in your blogging strategy:

  • You must avoid too much keyword stuffing in your blog as it will decrease your site rank rather than getting number 1 on the search engine.
  • Always maintain the keyword density.
  • Integrate keywords in your metadata, content body, and web page URL.
  • Make sure you examine the pages that are currently ranking for your target keyword and think about how you can create a better page than that.
  • Use high-quality content on your page and assimilate targeted keywords in the first paragraph of your content.
  • Never choose high competitors keywords as it will be hard for you to rank.

This concludes our article with the section of the series of using keywords in the blogging strategy. No matter how much-experienced blogger you are, if you don’t know how to assimilate keywords in your blogging strategy then your blog is of no worth.

Folks, I hope you understood the keyword concept though this guide. Now incorporate each and every point of this guide in blogging strategy, otherwise, your site will be penalized by Google for wrong keyword stuffing.

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