How to increase your success rate with Social media?

Success with social media

Apply these techniques for increasing your success rate over social media

Achieving success on social media is become a huge challenge due to tough competition. Marketing your business over social media requires skills and due to the freeplay nature of digital marketing uniqueness is the element which every business or startup should focus on.

It means try to standout from your competitors this is essential for increasing your success rate on social media marketing. Old and traditional social media marketing techniques won’t help you any further you need to upgrade yourself. That’s why today we are going to enlist some techniques which will increase your success rare with social media. Let’s jump into this,

Prepare a blue print:

Since competition is become very tough over social media. Without any effective plan it won’t help you anymore. It is essential that you make a proper blue print of your business for social media marketing strategy. Organize your marketing and promotional activities because the taste and preference of audiences over different social media platforms varies.

If you want to attain success then decide your target audience and choose your initial social media platform. For example: Facebook has almost all types of users like youngsters, middle age old age etc.

Instagram has majority of youth “between” 18-30 and Pinterest has women’s dominance platform. So you need to have proper blueprint in your mind regarding your product, which type of consumer your product is going to attract etc. You need to have clear answers regarding these queries which will be added in your blue print.

For example: If you have starting online clothes store that deals women clothing than you should go with Pinterest because Pinterest is dominate by female users. You will achieve a much early success there.

Produce quality content:

This is the important element, which is  even don’t understand by some professional marketers and campaigners. Quality content doesn’t means that you just write crisp and short sentences and add more photos and videos. For producing quality content you should have understanding regarding for which social media platform and for which type of audience you are producing content. Write content according to social media platform

For example: when you are writing on Facebook you can give your content story mode or passage style. But when you are writing on Instagram you should write a content which matched your visual content (images, videos and gifs) means to the point. There is no space for if and buts. It should be straightforward.

Always gives feedback and remain active:

If you make this technique a habit irrespective of the quality of content you are producing. You will able to achieve new height of success over social media. This is the factor which will achieve you quick success over social media because it is the sole factor which differentiates traditional form of media like newspapers, television with social media. Instant feedback is the feature which set the dominance of social media over traditional media.

Users on internet likes to comment and share their opinions majority of the startups has achieved success because users has write what are the loopholes, where they can improve etc. By which you will get to know reality that how well your business are performing.

The important thing to remember you should take responsibility to reply to each and every question posted by users. Users expect answers so be sure that you reply them available for 24×7 hours for answering their doubts.

This process of questioning and replying also establishes emotional relationship with consumers. Their trust over brand is begun to increase and they can become your loyal customers. If you want to understand the importance of what loyal consumers can do then Maggie case is the best example. Loyal consumers can even pluck the brand from difficult times easily.


On a concluding note we can say that if you applied above mentioned technique effectively over your business promotion on social than your chances achieving success will boost further.