How to increase your online marketing return against investment?

online marketing return

Want to boost your ROI against online marketing then follow these tips

Due to the hectic competition in online marketing ROI (Return on investment) is become a significant factor in measuring online marketing success. If the entrepreneur is able to receive more than the invested amount than its efforts of online advertising and marketing is considered to be a success.

If the entrepreneur is not able to generate even minimum profit than its effort and time on online marketing has gone wasted. In order to minimize these wasted efforts today, we are going to enlist few tips to boost return on investment against online marketing.  Let’s get right into this,

Apply some tips and boost your return against online marketing investment.
Find ways to increase your income:

There is a phrase “for generating more money, first you should have money”. This also fit true in case of increasing ROI against online marketing. Try to find out ways and methods by which you can increase your income. Increase in income means influx of resources for promoting your product and services. Influx in resources results in increase in sales which will ultimately result in Increase in ROI against online marketing.

Although ROI can also be increased by cutting down in investing cost but this is a conservative approach which shows that as an entrepreneur you are not ready to take risk and wants to play safe. But even in the safe playing you cannot eliminate the risk of loss. Whether the profit will happen or not but definitely you will face loss. If you follow this conservative approach the you should take the risk.                          

Stay away from vanity metrics:

This is the trap in which most of the entrepreneurs fall vanity metrics at first glance. Let me introduce about Vanity Metrics. It includes social media data like followers, page views and subscribers of your site. It might seems that vanity metrics helping you in increase in ROI. But in reality they are making no contribution to your actual revenue. The vanity metrics we are talking about is Facebook fans, twitter followers, blog views and so on.

In simple words vanity metrics only gives appearance that they are contributing in increases you’re ROI. But in reality they are just distracting your business team from long term objectives.

Instead of vanity metrics engage with useful metrics that provides you right and accurate data regarding your business. The useful metrics can be divided into three broad categories they were as follows:

•          Revenue metrics

•          Marketing performance program metrics

•          Profit per customer

Experiment and testing:

You can answer one query more than one different way, same applied with the efforts and experiments that are essential for increasing the ROI.

Always do test and experiments with different types of campaigns and marketing channels to find out which channel is ideal for the growth of your business.

The channels to use and test include:

•          Digital advertisements

•          Content marketing

•          Direct mail

•          Social media

•          E-mail

•          SMS

Use of coupon codes:

It is also known by the name promo code it is a computer generated code made of numbers, letters that consumer fills into a promotional box of a site shopping’s cart. This coupon code allows consumer to avail discounted offers on their current purchase.

Many online marketers and advertisers deploy this system on their site to engage people into an action by luring them into exciting offers. By deploying coupon code marketers keep an eye on different marketing channels and identify which one is performing best.

In order to identify best performing channel deploy separate coupon codes for different promotion channels. In this way you will find out which channel is generating the higher ROI.


On a concluding note we can say that by applying above mentioned tips you can boost your ROI against online marketing. But one thing should be kept in mind that you should not make rush. Slowly and steadily making your way will achieve the success.