How to Develop a Buyer Persona effectively in 2020?

Develop a Buyer Persona

I’m sure every digital marketer must be aware of the buyer persona because it’s a key to growing your business, right! Having a business means a desire to get more sales leads and an increase in revenue. This is the main object of every marketer. Well, to achieve this goal it’s important to fully understand your customers such as their needs, interests, preferences, etc. And how you can achieve this goal in one go – by building a buyer persona. Yes, folks, there are plenty of marketers out there who truly know the benefits of a buyer persona. But they lack one thing as they don’t know how to build a buyer persona effectively. So if you’re one of them then you’re at the right place.

Today in this blog post, you will be learning how you can develop buyer persona in 2020. But first let’s jump in the concept of buyer persona.

What exactly the buyer persona is?

In very simple words, a buyer persona is a kind of strategy that collects detailed information about your target customers. It is basically a document that lists everything such as age, gender, location, home, etc. of a customer. Therefore, this list helps you define who your potential customers are what makes them stick to your products. Now move on learns the tips to create a buyer persona.

Steps to develop buyer persona in 2020.

Folks, below I’m going to outline everything you need to know about developing buyer persona in 2020. Have a look at below.

Step 1: Gather data of your relevant customers

The first step in creating a buyer persona is to collect as much possible data as you can about your customers. The information should include age, gender, race, education, geographic location, marital status, socioeconomical background, and a number of children. So how do you collect all this information? Have a look at the points below:

  • Conducting surveys
  • Invest in one-to-one interviews
  • Talk to your employees
  • Check your analytics

Step 2: Analyze the collected data

Once you’re done with the first step that is the collection of data now the second step is to analyze and arrange it in the best possible manner. How exactly you can analyze data? You can look for problems and challenges that your customers mentioned. Then examine what type of content would help them resolve their problems. However, you no need to get fret after seeing the number of personas because your marketing strategy must include all of that. Make sure you include eBooks, blog posts, and nurturing flows, for each persona.

Step 3: Build the persona

In the third stage, you will be able to build an effective buyer persona. Now it’s time to convert all the selected information in a person. How will you actually do that? All you need to do is just open your text editor, and build a profile with name, age, and occupation. Next, you need to arrange information as per topics like personal and professional goals, as well as challenges. Finally, you need to select a name and include a photo as it will help you see your persona as a real person.

Step 4: Share it with your team members

So the final step is to share the profile of your persona with your team. All the members should know the persona and give suggestions which might lead to some changes. Thereby, a buyer persona is an essential element in marketing efforts. If you create yours then you will get to know much about your customers in person. Then your marketing team will be able to produce relevant and useful content.

The bottom line

As a digital marketer, you must understand that creating a buyer persona helps you distinguish from average companies in the market. With a buyer persona, you understand your customers well and sell them accordingly. It also helps your marketing team personalize their marketing outreach. The above-mentioned 4 steps will help you build a strong buyer persona. So guys, what are you waiting for? Just implement the steps and see the boost in your sales after building a buyer persona.

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