How subdomains are a bad idea for your website?

subdomains are a bad idea for your website

Domain, the most important part of any website because it gives you authority or control over the internet. It means the domain is the backbone of your website, right! But what about other half of it .i.e. Subdomain? If you’re into the SEO world, you probably familiar with the myth that subdomains are considered to be bad for SEO and can damage the website. Have you ever thought about why it is so? We often fail to think about why certain people say negative about certain things. But if you are a part of the digital world and running your business online then you should know what is good and what is bad for you. Likewise, in this guide, I will explain how subdomains are bad for your website.

So let’s make a start and read the concept first.

What is the subdomain exactly?

Basically, the subdomain is a subpart or subdivision of the domain name. In other words, it is an additional part of your main domain name. Subdomains are created to organize and navigate to different sections of your website. Moreover, you can create multiple subdomains or child domains on your main domain.

To clear your concept of a subdomain, let’s understand the given example below:

Let’s take the URL –

  1. “.Com” is the top-level domain or what you call a domain extension.
  2. “curvearro” is second-level domain.
  3. “www” is subdomain.

So in place of “www”, you can have multiple words which will be called subdomains. If I add ‘blog’ as a subdomain in curvearro then URL will be “

What subdomains are used for.

From an SEO perspective, you no need to use Subdomains nevertheless people use subdomains for their website. Basically, the work of the subdomain is to set up a separate website or webpage under the same domain name. Furthermore, you can also use a subdomain to organize your website to separate the site in a simple way. Therefore you can say subdomain is used to expend the content of the website with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Many companies use a subdomain to create an online store, mobile websites, location-specific sites, and creating sub-section of the website. Subdomains can also be used to serve a specific group of users on your site.

However, the usage of subdomains might be good but having subdomains in sites might not be satisfying to many webmasters and affect their SEO too.  

How subdomains are a bad idea for your website?

Well, you have already read the uses of subdomain but there is something which makes it a bad idea to use for your website. Below are some reasons which will help you know how subdomains are bad for you to use in your site.

  • Using a subdomain on your website makes your URL structure look bigger.
  • Subdomains are not regarded as ‘proper websites in the eyes of Google users.
  • You will be responsible for more hosting fees as subdomains require separate hosting accounts.
  • A subdomain may not yield your geolocation signal for search engines.
  • Subdomains might confuse your audience as they represent the country or the language. So if you post content written in regional language will not bring your traffic to your site.
  • If you use a subdomain for your website then your site will be treated as a different website and hence will not drive any SEO benefit from the parent domain.
  • More content is required to get a decent PR.
  • Single domain (like www) gets more weightage than different subdomain names. That’s why using subdomains will not provide you a presence on SERP.

The final words!

I know after reading out this article you will be thinking whether you should use subdomains for your website or not. Well, I want to tell you that if you want to grow your digital marketing business worldwide, get quality leads, generate more traffic to the site, and build your reputation in the market then you must use domain rather than a subdomain. Using subdomain might not help your benefit SEO but the domain will surely do and yield you profit for your organization.

It is up to you whether you want to use a subdomain or not. Now the ball is in your court guys! For another interesting articles get in touch with us till then keep reading.