How PPC works in digital marketing?

Pay Per Click Advertisement

Understand How PPC model functions in digital marketing

Digital marketing has revolutionized the advertising sector. Each and every type of entrepreneur wants to utilize digital marketing for the promotion of their brand.

PPC is the marketing model that is largely utilized by small entrepreneurs who runs small scale industries or startup business.

But due to lack of knowledge and guidance they are not able to achieve desired results through PPC model. So therefore we are going to briefly explain how entrepreneur can utilize PPC model? But before that they need to understand what exactly PPC is?

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay per click. If explained in simple words then according to this model advertiser pays to publisher when the ad is clicked. 

For example: When you search any query on Google or any other search engine the topmost result of a search page in which small green Ad is mentioned that is the example of PPC ad.

I hope you understood what are PPC ads? Now the time is to know how PPC works.

  • Google Adwords

It is the platform offered by Google where you can design Google PPC ads. On this platform large number of advertisers and marketers bid on keywords based on their advertisements

Based on those keywords Google decide which ads to be placed where in Google search pages. Apart from keywords “Click through rate” and “Quality score” were other important standards. On which Google made its decision regarding the placement of ads.

Now different types of Google ads suitable for PPC format:

  • Google Search ads

The most widely used advertising format of PPC advertisements is Google Search Ad. These are the types of advertisements that appear in Google search pages either at the top, bottom or right side. These ads appear in response to search queries made by users.

For example: If you search for Realme 2 amazon in Google search bar at the topmost you will see little green Ad icon placed under electronics this is the example of Google search ads.

  • Local search ads

This is the advertising format in which your products and services get placement based on location. Mostly small sized or home based business such as “Mohit bakery shop”, utilize this format because they want to promote their business and services in local area. They are targeting local peoples through this ad.

User can also search for these types of advertisements on Google maps just type ‘Mohit bakery in Mahavir enclave location’ or any local shops, address will appear in your search results. Similar to search ads these are also charged on pay per click basis.

  • Remarketing ads

This is the advertising format in which ads are displayed to those visitors/users who are already visited your site. These are the targeted ads designed for users which have visited your site more than once.

This format is generally used for retaining the consumers who has used the products and services from your site in the past and encourage them to visit more. This is called “brain storming” advertising strategy which is possible in this advertising format only. That’s why primarily past users see these advertisements while surfing over the internet.

For example: Bloggers or freelancers widely used this format to encourage the viewers to buy the services from their site. But also to retains their potential web traffic and viewers.


Above mentioned advertising formats are well suited for PPC advertising campaigns. The display network has not been mentioned above because according to me it is not meet the requirements of PPC model. But can be utilized for PPC advertising it all depends upon marketer and advertiser. Besides PPC model is largely utilized by entrepreneurs who does not have financial resources to invest more in digital marketing.