How “Ok Google” works?

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What is “Ok Google”?

It is a voice assistant feature made for Android based devices just like Siri for Apple. It responds to user commands.  After enabling “OK Google” your phone will respond even when your phone is locked. You can ask any question by using Google Voice Assistance, it will answer you.

Now let’s move ahead and try to know, how it works?

In order to make it functional you need to visit your Android phone settings, there you will see ‘ok Google detection’ click it, after that click from any screen option.

In order to recognize its user you need to say ‘ok Google’ 3 times so that the system remember your voice. At last you has activated the feature enjoy the services.

The user can use the Google assistant feature for all kinds of works by giving suitable command like creating a reminder or set an alarm. If you are getting bored and want to do some fun then you can also use Google assistant feature for poems, jokes or even games.

Now the suitable voice commands for specific functions you need to remember:

  • For call and text:

So if you are new to voice assistant feature and never used it before then this is for new users after activating voice assistant feature. Just say call the name will appear from your contact list and suppose if you have someone who uses more than 1 number under same name.

 In this scenario you need to choose the one you want to call. Similarly user can also give the command text for starting text based conversation.

  • For navigation:

Yes if there is any android user who don’t know about Google maps they can also navigate and find directions of a particular destination by giving suitable command to Google assistant feature.

For finding direction or address first say “where am I” the Google will display your current location with accurate address.

After this if you want to reach certain destination then give command with the direction name or ‘how to get the (name the address) destination’. The Google will display all the destinations based on your search. You need to choose the place/destination where you want to reach switch to Google map for directions.

Apart from this if you want to reach somewhere by walking or by bike etc., in this scenario you need to just give a command with walking directions/transit directions (naming the place you want to visit).

You will get the directions and you can follow it.  For bus and rail transport user can give commands like next bust to (name of destination) and train timetable.

  • For setting reminders and marking important dates:

Before the invention of voice assistant features like ‘Siri’ or ‘Ok Google’’ user has manually mark the dates and set reminders for important events.

But now user can mark dates and set reminders just by saying simple command ‘remind me to (say the topic/phrase you want to get notified on time)’.

The user can also set reminder over voice command, after this Google voice assistant feature will remind you along with date and time.


By following above mentioned methods or tips you can effectively get used to “OK Google” (Voice assistant feature). Beside this there are various commands for different functions and objectives. We only mentioned here most common commands. You can take help of Ok Google for any information just like your Google search.