How Machine learning has been used by Google?

Machine learning in Google

At present, we all are surrounded by the biggest tech giant Google. So much so that you can say Google is omnipresent. Even you’re reading this article using Google Search, right! However, Google has made our life much easier than we get the instant answer or info when we search it on Google. Though Google alone is sufficient in itself, there are many things (else you can say tools) which made Google much better in providing relevant information to its users. One such biggest buzzword which has long been a part of Google is “Machine Learning.”

In case, you don’t know what Machine Learning is, then here is the definition – Machine Learning is where a computer teaches itself how to do something, rather than being taught by humans or following detailed programming. Like Google, you will find Machine Learning everywhere, from Google Search to Google Photos to even Google Translate, yes guys, everything uses Machine Learning now. However, in this article, I will tell you how Google has used Machine Learning to reach the top. To know about it, make sure you read the article thoroughly till the end. So, let’s get started now.

Machine Learning: a significant part of Google.

Google and its Parent Company Alphabet heavily invested in Machine Learning in most credible fields such as Ethical Principles, Quantum Computing, Healthcare, Robotics, Perception, etc. that’s why Google takes advantage of machine learning in all its algorithms and provides customers with a valuable and personalized experience.

Now read what CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai commented on Machine Learning, “Machine learning is a core, transformative way by which we’re rethinking how we’re doing everything. We are thoughtfully applying it across all our products, be it search, ads, YouTube, or Play. And we’re in early days, but you will see us apply machine learning in all these areas.”

After reading Sundar Pichai’s statement on ML, it can be said that Google ultimately plans on fully integrating Machine Learning in all its operations. Now let’s read some of the ways in which Google has used Machine Learning (or has been using it) to understand the full scope of its application in the future.

How Google has been using Machine Learning, read below to know.

– Google Translate

Google Translate might be the best translating tool but not gives 100% accurate results. If you wonder how Google translates your text from one language to another then it through Machine Learning. Yes, folks, Google uses Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) which looks for the common pattern and basic vocabulary of the language.  This is a process where computers analyze millions of existing translated documents from the web to learn vocabulary and look for patterns in a language. Eventually, Google translates it.

– Google Photos

Everyone knows that Google Photos is a kinda backup tool for your photos. You can access all your photos anytime and anywhere. How machine learning plays a role in Google Photos? Google Photos automatically creates an album of photos taken during a specific period without any input from you. It collects pictures of the same people or objects into an organized group. And it also selects the “best photos.” All these are done automatically. It too suggests you and duplicates the image so that the original one doesn’t interfere.

– Rank Brain

Google uses this machine learning system called “Rank Brain” to help sort through its search results. For instance, you want to know the name of CEO Google and then his wife’s name. In this case, you can simply type in “CEO of Google” and “CEO of Google wife”. This is all achieved using Rank Brain in Google search. It is a deep neural network that helps you provide the required search results.

– Google Search and Google Maps

These two also employ machine learning. I tell you how- when you start typing in the search box it spontaneously anticipates what you’re looking for. It then provides recommended terms for the same. All the suggestions are showcased because of past searches or trends or from your present location. GS and GM use machine learning that helps the people in their day to day tasks.

– Google Assistant

Google Assistant is like a small caretaker for you if you have a smartphone. It eases out your work to search for restaurants when it’s raining, helps you buy movie tickets, and also finds the nearest theatre from your place. It gives you the ability to actually have a conversion with it. Natural Language Processing ML allows Google Assistant to interact with you and formulate its answers as per your questions.

Final Words!

I hope, by now, you’re aware of how Google has been using Machine Learning in its various apps and tools to provide you better user experience and services. Machine Learning is all about how Computer gives commands and teaches itself. I just want to tell you that with all these technologies and applications, our life and work have become very easy and convenient. Guys, above mentioned are some specific services where Google uses Machine Learning but there are many more tools or apps in which Google takes the help of Machine learning.

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