How Google Hangouts can affect your SEO?

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a great tool to make online connections for the business. It is a great communication channel, especially for marketers or businesses. Like any other social media, Google Hangouts also connects people with their relatives, friends, and marketers online. But it is more of a professional tool than any other social media channel. In the digital marketing world, people use Google Hangouts to connect with people and maintain good relations with them.

Apart from the features and its uses, the question here arises is how do Google Hangouts affect SEO. In this article, not only I will discuss the impact of Google Hangouts on SEO, but also the use of it. So let’s dig in.

The impact of Google Hangouts on SEO

As a business, if you have Google Plus page then you can host Hangout on Air with up to 15 people. This is the best thing about Google Hangouts as you can stream them live on Google Plus. Moreover, it will automatically upload on your YouTube page. You will get a permanent URL auto-generated for your hangout. After that, you can share it on other social media platforms. Why I am telling you all this is because this is what will impact SEO.

Once you get a permanent URL, your chances of appearing on the search engine get an increase. Search engines will crawl and index your pages and it might scale up into the SERPs for keywords that are significant to the discussed topic. You might also get additional traffic to your site.

You can also upload Hangouts on YouTube, by this you will have a good chance to shine your videos on search results people are searching for. This is how you get more visitors to your site. You never know when they qualify to become your potential customers.

Therefore, any Search Engine Optimization professional can get benefited from Google Hangouts because it can influence their ranking in the search results in a positive way.

Let’s see how Google Hangouts is used to increase search traffic of your site

# YouTube search traffic

I have already told you how YouTube videos can get you quality traffic to your site. There is no doubt that quality videos itself bring traffic to your site on their own. The best thing about Google Hangouts is that they automatically get posted to your YouTube account for you to publish live. Moreover, when people comment on the video, it gives a signal to Google to rank your videos.

# Social search traffic

The next use of Google Hangouts is to increase social search traffic. Google examines your site on the basis of its performance. Also, Google wants to know who likes you, follows, subscribe, talks to you, and listen to your every word. So whenever you are on Google+ you give a new opportunity for Google to highlight something you search for next time on Google search. Google shows you the post people write on their social network.

# Content traffic

Another way to use Google Hangouts to increase traffic to your site is by re-purposing your content in the end number of ways. Google Hangouts is not just about events rather it is more about social signals around the event as well. People share relevant posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google +. You can also build a brand, which also brings in search of traffic at the same time. Content writing is a powerful strategy to bring traffic to your site. But you need to produce quality, relevant, and informative content on your site.

Summing up

Google Hangouts is a powerful tool to bring quality traffic to your site and also impacts SEO in a positive way. You have already read out in this article how Google Hangouts impacts your SEO and how you can use it to get traffic to your site. If you have not tried Google Hangouts for your business then you should give it a try because it is a good way to get traffic to your site and make your content visible on the search engine results page.

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