How does Amazon’s product ranking algorithm work?

Amazon's product ranking algorithm

Amazon is one of the best platforms to sell your product online. With Amazon, your business can go one step forward. At present, about 50% of shoppers are turning to Amazon when they search for a product to buy. According to the study, Amazon has become the world’s largest platform in e-commerce marketing for more than 40% of online sales. This is what makes Amazon a huge market competitor for other online selling platforms.

Do you publish your products on Amazon? If yes, then you must also know how Amazon’s product ranking algorithm works to rank your product on the first list of the page.

Let’s understand everything in a detail.

The concept of Amazon’s product ranking algorithm

What is Amazon’s product ranking algorithm? It is basically a system that connects shoppers with relevant products as quickly as possible. This is the goal of the Amazon product ranking algorithm. With the algorithm, you can improve your sales and brand visibility.

Moreover, the product ranking on Amazon is determined by an algorithm aka A9 (short form for the algorithm). And this is what decides the fate of your success on Amazon. It’s good if you know about it more in detail.

Let’s move forward to know how Amazon algorithm works.

The working process of Amazon product ranking algorithm.

Millions of people search on Amazon every day to buy a product. And Amazon receives millions of search queries every month. Therefore it examines every search query to provide the relevant results to customers. How exactly Amazon product algorithm works? Read the working process below.

  1. The first step of Amazon is to search and analyze every single query of people for keywords.
  2. After searching the query for keywords, Amazon then tries to match the customer’s desires with relevant products.
  3. In the third step, Amazon finally displays the product on the high rank after analyzing the data of search queries from people.

Every day, Amazon finds relevant, informative, and trustworthy content to deliver to its customers. Moreover, Amazon’s ranking algorithm is similar to Google’s search algorithm. However, when it comes to customer relationship then Amazon algorithm is different from Google.

How Amazon ranks your products on its first page?

How actually your products rank on Amazon? Well, Amazon has three parties: a buyer, a seller, and Amazon itself.

– Shoppers

Also known as buyers. They come to Amazon for one reason that is buying a product. When shopper type and search for a particular product. Amazon then examines it and sees how much demand for the product is online. And then ranks the product based on the keyword search.

– Seller

Seller also uses Amazon for selling its product on this platform. The more demanding products you sell on Amazon the higher rank you get.

– Amazon

Amazon finally wants to generate revenue. But this is not that easy because Amazon only generates revenue when a sale takes place. Amazon receives 15% of commission from a seller.

Therefore all three parties: shoppers, sellers and Amazon have the common goal.

Basically, Amazon’s goal here is to build an algorithm to increase the volume of sales and transactions. Finally, Amazon ranks all the products on the basis of purchase.

How do you find your ranking on Amazon?

Now you can ask this question to know about your position in online marketing field. The process to find your rank on Amazon is very simple. First, you need to search your product on Now locate your listing, and then scroll down to the “Products Details” section. Now try to find the information for “Amazon Best Seller’s Rank.” Finally, this number is the ranking of the product in the category in which it is listed.

With the above process, you can find out your product ranking on Amazon.

The bottom line

Day by day Amazon is becoming the most used online selling and purchasing platform worldwide. If you’re a seller on Amazon then you should know what rank your products are on the Amazon listing. In this guide, I have explained to you everything about Amazon’s product ranking algorithm. And if you want to see your rank on Amazon, then you can follow the process I have mentioned above.

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