Green Monday: a big day for shoppers!

Green Monday

Everyone loves shopping especially when there is a huge discount imposed on products, right? Nowadays, people prefer online shopping rather than going out to brick-and-mortar stores. Online shopping becomes more significant and preferable with the days (special shopping days) which are offered by big companies. Recently, we saw how ‘Black Friday’ which occurred on 29th November brought heavy discounts on products for people. I know many of you might haven’t utilized or taken advantage of this day. But don’t worry guys; you still have a special day to shop where you can get heavy discount on products. And that day is “Green Monday”. Sounds interesting? My today’s blog will talk about ‘Green Monday’ so that you can utilize this day to the fullest. So are you ready to know everything about it? Continue reading the article below.

What is Green Monday?

It is one of the biggest online shopping days which takes place on the Second Monday in December every year. This day many online shoppers rush to purchase last minute gifts and take advantage of deals especially for Christmas.

When is Green Monday in December 2019? In December, Green Monday takes place on 9 Dec, which is today. So, guys hurry up and take full advantage of this day.

This day is very significant for retailers as well as online shoppers. Let’s see how-

For retailers, Green Monday is the day in which they offer their biggest sales for last-minute shoppers who pull their hair out as they either start or try to wrap up their holiday shopping. Whereas for online shoppers, this day brings many big surprises and heavy discounts on products.

History of Green Monday

The term Green Monday was coined by eBay in 2007 to describe the uptick of sales it tracked on the second Monday in December. eBay describes this day as the best sales day of the month. eBay celebrates this day for two reasons. First, green means revenue for the company. Second, eBay markets online shopping as environmentally friendly or greener than brick-and-mortar stores.

Is there any other name for Green Monday? It is also called Cyber Monday 2 as it considered a second Cyber Monday, and consumers are given ‘Second Chance’, especially those who didn’t fulfill all their intended shopping on the regular Cyber Monday.

Furthermore, it is promoted by big box stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and Amazon to create the holiday shopping excitement as part of their large seasonal promotions.

Want to Get the Best Green Monday deals?

Every online store posts their today’s deals either on their own Green Monday or Cyber Monday website. You can also find best deals on This site promotes online discounts from almost 800 retailers every year.

However, the best deal you will find especially on Walmart site. Here you will be offered more than 300 online special deals including 10 most popular deals from Black Friday. That’s why Walmart has highest traffic day in December on this day.

Some key points to remember

  • Green Monday is one of the busiest shopping days in the United States.
  • The sales on this day usually begins at midnight and run for 24 hours.
  • It marks the 10-day shipping period before Christmas for which people buy gifts on discounts.
  • Because of the large online sales volume, Green Monday is also called Cyber Monday.
  • eBay coined the term because it realized that this day brings more profitable sales for the company. However, claims that it coined the phrase.

Final Words!

After reading the entire article, now you must know that Green Monday is a day of online sales which brings many offers and huge discount for online shoppers to buy products on a heavy discount. That’s why it has become more like a festive event in some places, with retailers offering gifts and prizes in party-like atmosphere. So guys, if you missed out Black Friday then don’t miss today’s deal.

Make your online shopping experience more enjoyable with heavy discounts and offers. Till then get in touch with us and happy shopping.