Google’s Link Tool: Everything you need to know.

Google's Link Tool

Do you use Google link tools or a third-party tools to check the spammy links of your site? Of course, we often use link tools to check the performance of our sites. We use many tools such as the Google webmaster tool, Google Adsense, Google voice, Google Trends, Google Translate, Google Reader, Google Disavow tool, etc. We somehow need to admit that Google offers a lot of free tools to use with the convenience to access them with just a simple login.

However, my motive for this article is not to appreciate the link tools provided by Google but to use the single Google link tool which can give you all the relevant information about your site. So, let’s discuss the tool which you can use without any need for a third-party tool.

Let’s try and understand Google’s Link Tool: Google Webmaster Tools.

Let me tell you what Google says, “Google Webmaster Tool Link Report is enough.” We first need to understand what Google Webmaster Tool is? So, Google Webmaster Tool (GWT) is a very powerful tool for SEOs. It is a free service that helps you examine and evaluate your website’s performance in search results. This tool offers you valuable information about your site that can help with your marketing efforts.

Furthermore, SEOs and Google have been encouraging people to use this tool as it helps you uncover issues that need fixing. This tool is a primary device for Google to communicate with webmasters. The best part of the tool is that it is a free tool.

How GWT helps enhance your website’s performance?

Following points will help you understand the role of GWT.

  • GWT examines and verifies that Google can access the content on your site.
  • It allows you to deliver and evaluate content that provides users with the more visual experience.
  • Also allows you to maintain your website without disrupting its appearance on search results.
  •  It helps you discover and eliminate malware or spam problems that may not be easily found through other means.
  • GWT makes it possible to submit new pages on Google to crawl and remove content that you don’t want search engine users to discover.

Let’s see how you can set up Google Webmaster Tools?

Before you access any data make sure you are the verified owner or authorized representative of the website. So, the following are the five ways through which you can verify your website.

  • You can upload an HTML file that Google will give you with the specific name to upload in the root directory of your site. Once the file goes into the root directory, just click on the ‘verify’ button in GWT. Now you will have access to data.
  • You can also verify your site by adding an HTML tag provided by Google. Once the tag is in place, click the ‘verify’ button to view the data.
  • Google also provides you the option for selecting the domain name in a drop-down list. Just click on your provider, now Google will walk you through the steps of verifying your site.
  • By using Google’s analytics account, you can verify the website using an asynchronous tracking code placed in the head of your homepage.
  • The final one is that you can also use the Google tag manager that will allow you to track and manage tags of your website.

Folks, there are many third-party tools one of them is the “Disavow link tool”. Though using Webmaster Link Tool is probably not enough, you will definitely need third-party tools according to some webmasters. However, Google says that you may not need to use third-party tools.

Now, let me conclude this blog by saying that Google’s Link Tool i.e. Webmaster Tool will allow you access the abundance of data and information that can help you optimize and enhance the performance of your website. This tool is a great resource on which you can make your future marketing decisions.

So, improve your website’s presence by using Google’s Link Webmaster Tools without needed to incorporating third-party tools. For more information and updates get in touch with us till then keep reading.