Google said structured data doesn’t impact ranking!

structured data

The tech giant Google always concerns for its users and how the site is ranking on SERP. Though page ranking on website is determined by many factors such as quality content, pages on website, performance of SEO, etc., structured data also plays a great role in getting a site a good rank. However, it is not such a ranking factor purportedly. Many times Google itself has said that structured data doesn’t impact ranking of the site whether it’s good or bad, it doesn’t matter.

Before I move further I want to ask you, do you really know about structured data and what Google has said about it? No, then let’s start this article with the concept of structured data first

What exactly structured data is? 

As name itself says structure, it is a recorded and fixed file written in specific way with a format. This data resides in in relational database and spread sheets. This data is written in such a way that search engines understand it. With structured data, search engine finds it easy to read the code and use it to display search results in specific way and much richer way.

Google says structured data is not a ranking factor, why?

As I told you many times Google has said it that structured data doesn’t impact ranking and one more time Google says it doesn’t impact ranking in search. What caused Google to say it again? The reason of saying this is because Google’s structured data warnings in Google Search Console were confused to understand and came off like bad structured data can result in a ranking drop.

Furthermore, Google says structured data doesn’t impact your page ranking on SERP and even if you get penalized structured data misuse, it won’t result in a ranking drop but rather the removal of rich results in search.  So neither the good structured data gives you ranking boost nor does spammy structured data decline your ranking. But it surely makes your data more visible on search results.

Let’s read the statement of Google on Structured data:

Last month Google twitted, “a concern was raised that calorie information was required for recipes to be included in or to rank well for Google Search. This is not the case. Moreover, structured data like this has no impact on ranking in web search. This thread has more we hope eases concerns…”

For content owners, Google furthermore says, “Content owners can provide structured data as an *optional* way to enhance their web page listings. It has no impact on ranking. Using it may simply help pages that already rank well appear more attractive to potential visitors.”  

Why structured data is significant for SEO?

It has much significance to offer to SEO such as

  • It makes easier for Google to examine what your pages and your website are about. It is very important for Google to understand the pages so that it can show them on search results.
  • Using structured data means you’re telling Google what your site is about which will help with your ranking.
  • Structured data also changes the way your snippet looks like because it will display more information to your customers, with more specific info which will surely increase the traffic.

Final track!

Guys, I hope after reading this entire article, you understood that having good or bad structured data doesn’t impact your site ranking at all. But yes, it surely make your content or pages more visible on search engine results page on Google. This eventually helps you in getting more traffic to your website. Moreover, Google has already given a piece of advice to content owners on how they should treat structured data and has no impact on site’s ranking.

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