Google: Reconsideration Request Can Take Few Months To Get Response

Every webmaster is afraid of the penalty imposed by Google on their site, right. Have you ever received a manual penalty from Google? If you have then what did you do first? Let me tell you what SEOs or webmasters generally do is they repair the site that complies with Google quality guidelines. After this, webmasters move ahead to file a reconsideration request to get their penalty removed and return to Google’s search results. However, Google guidelines don’t provide you any hint to write a reconsideration request. But one thing which always comes in the mind of SEO is, how long the request will take for giving a response back from Google Search Console?

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Let me tell you that recently Google has confirmed that reconsideration requests can take a week to a few months. Don’t you want to know more about the reconsideration requests and what Google said more on this? Must read this article to know about the reconsideration request of Google.

Let me first clear you about reconsideration request concept

In the introduction, I have already told you what a reconsideration request is. Here I will go a little deeper. Putting simple, a reconsideration request is a request to Google to review your site after you fix problems identified in manual action or security issues notification. Well, these requests you can only issue via Google Search Console. In addition, without a message, you can’t submit a reconsideration request.

Now dig deeper into the recent update from Google on this.

Google says reconsideration request might take a week or month to get a response

It’s been a week when the chit-chatting started taking place in the SEO industry about Google reconsideration requests. The question which often hovers in the minds of webmasters is that how long it takes after one submits a reconsideration request in Google Search Console to get a response back. Well, this may vary and in the month of January this year, you all might be aware of what Google said on this.

John Muller of Google said on Twitter, “there is no defined time for a reconsideration request to be processed.”

However, with a recent update on reconsideration request, John Muller said, “sometimes it’s a week or so, sometimes it’s a few months.” According to him, why would one take longer than the next? He said there is no reason and further added, “It’s not dependent on whether you bought the domain recently (and we see a lot of abuse attempts with expired domains, so it doesn’t mean it’s easier).”

Let’s now talk about the different types of reconsideration request.

Four types of reconsideration request

In the year 2012, Google announced that there are four types of reconsideration requests. So let’s have a look at them below one by one.

  1. The very first request is about that users don’t have a manual action against your web site.
  2. Earlier you did have a manual action but Google removed it after receiving your reconsideration request.
  3. Now you do have a manual action against your site and still do because there are still issues with your site.
  4. Google processed your reconsideration request, which means, you are between two and three. Google needs to look deeper and maybe you resolved some things but not all things. Another thing can be Google found something interesting that they want to look deeper into.

Note: Whether these 4 reconsideration requests are still valid or not, I am not sure about it.

You want Google to reconsider your request quickly? If yes, then you must know how to write a good reconsideration request. Continue reading below to know.

Some effective tips to write a good reconsideration request  

Follow the guideline rules

The very first tip you have on your plate is following the guidelines of Google. If you do so Google won’t penalize your site ever. What Google wants to see is that you have learned your lesson and won’t do further mistakes in the future. If you continue to do what Google says, it shows that you are following the quality guidelines.

Clean up your site

If you are getting a manual penalty then you need to take some kind of action. Suppose, this penalty is about unnatural links, then you must need to identify unnatural links. What you will do now? Take a step and remove them and disavow the ones which you can’t remove.

Just keep your tone polite and pleasant

People that write reconsideration requests generally have an angry tone which is unpleasant for Google. It is also because the Google penalty might have cost them a large amount of money and has taken up valuable time. Well, it is quite understandable for a penalized site owner to be upset. But anger will not work in any case, you have to be polite.

The final words

A reconsideration request is significant when your site is penalized by Google. It is natural to get fret and uneasy because getting penalties on-site can take away the breath of any webmaster. But you can always request Google to reconsider your site again. However, there is no guarantee that you will get an immediate response as you have already read this article, why. It will take around a few weeks or months to respond to your reconsideration request.

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