Google My Business Adds New Video Conferencing Integration

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Video marketing is no more an option anymore; it has become a necessity for all the digital marketers out in the market. The integration of video has become so crucial that everywhere you will find a video attached in a text content or blog. It tells you that video marketing is the best way to bring engagement and traffic to the site. This is the reason why the most renowned digital marketing platform available for marketers ‘Google My Business’ or GMB provides the option to add a video to their Google My Business account. Yes, guys, it is true. Recently, Google announced that it has added a video option for marketers having an account on GMB.

Are you one of those marketers who have an account on GMB? If yes, then this is a really beneficial article for you. Here you will get to know everything about video integration in GMB.

Let’s now make a start.

Google My Business adds new option for video integration

In the starting days of September month, Google My Business made an announcement revealing that it has added a new option that says “Connect in real-time, with video.” Well, this should not be a surprise as the most popular video channel YouTube is owned by Google so making a video option available in GMB adds the only glory for digital marketers.

Adding video option available, it says now, “grow your business and reach more customers, when you use video conferencing providers.” Then a setup button to start to configure it. Many studies have shown that videos receive more likes, comments, shares, clicks, and engagement rates than traditional online marketing practices. Also, the ability of video to go ‘Viral’ just intensifies the significance of video in the digital marketing industry.

Move a little further and know how you can activate the video option.

How will you activate the video option available to your GMB account?

Guys, you can activate the video option only if you have updated your Google My Business service. On September 1, Google made the option ‘Update Service Availability’ through which Google asks you to ‘let customers know that your business is open and which services you’re offering. Though this might not be 100% true whether you should update services on GMB or not, you need to check.

To set up your video option, first, you need to sign in to your Google My Business account. On the main home dashboard, you will need to select a specific business: you will see the option ‘Connect in real-time, with video’ Set up now option available in the blue box.

After clicking on ‘Set up’ you will be given online video service providers including Google Meet, Skype, Zoom, and Webex. Finally, you can choose any of the service providers to offer online classes to your customers. Moreover, you also need to update your profile so customers can see if you offer online classes, appointments, or estimates.

In case, you like customers to book your services directly on Google without having to go to another website, you need to sign up for bookings on Google.

Let’s now talk about adding video to GMB account.

How you can add videos on Google My Business account?

The process of adding videos to GMB is remarkably simple. You simply need to log in to your GMB account and click photos on the left-hand panel. At the top of the page, you will see an added Video option. Now click on the tab and upload videos or you can click on the plus (+) sign and simply choose your videos. Just click the down arrow of the video you want, and choose to download the MP4. Now you are ready to upload the video to GMB.

Guys, I have already told you that Google is adding a video option to fetch you more customers to your site. But you must talk about why you should be adding videos to Google My Business listing. Let’s talk about it below in points.

Benefits of adding videos to Google My Business listing  

# Elucidate your Products

Yes, it is true that video can attract the attention of your audience in a single view only if the description of the product in the video is easily understandable. As per the study, 52% of customers say that watching product videos makes them more comfortable with purchases.

# Video helps convert clients into customers

Ask anyone what increases more conversion rate – the only answer you will get is video. Understand one thing that videos on GMB listing are not a direct advertisement that is linked to a sales page. But after viewing your videos, you get high chances that the client will visit your website or click the ‘call’ button on your listing.

# Educate your customers

There are many customers that don’t understand your products and services. You write long content describing your products still people don’t understand. The only solution left here is the video which helps you educate your customers about your products or services

The bottom line

The integration of videos into Google My Business is a great feature to fetch customers to your site. Not only videos positively impact your ranking, but also allow you to connect with customers on a whole new level. In this article, I have explained everything to you about videos from video integration to GMB listing, to activation of video option, to how to add videos, to finally benefits of adding videos to GMB. I hope everything is now clear to you. If you have an account on GMB, then you can enjoy the video feature and expand your customers and business.

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