Google may start to remove URLs from its index within two days.


URL or the site link plays a great role in accessing any website. We all use URLs to visit any particular website and other resources on the web. It simply means URL is an address that sends users to a specific resource like a webpage. If a URL is a door to enter the website then why Google is planning to remove it, shocking? Yes, it’s true guys. Whatever Google does, it does after examining the pros and cons of the changes. Therefore, you must know why Google is planning to remove URLs.

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Google to remove URLs from its index within two days

Recently, Google planned out to remove URLs from its index within two days. The world of webmasters is constantly changing and progressing. New techniques and advances are introduced every third day. And this is making the digital world a more complex one. Webmasters are not catering to adapt to new changes. Websites are getting hackneyed with the passing of time. And this is the reason that Google is finding it difficult to index every URL on the website. Eventually, Google took a decision to remove URLs from its index.  

Statement of Google’s John Muller on removing URLs

Google’s John Muller said that “If your site goes down, Google may start to remove URLs from its index within two days. This is on a URL by URL basis, so Google needs to see if the URL is not active and then try a couple more times, and if it is still not coming up, Google can remove it from its index within two days.”

On Twitter Muller said, “Depending on how it goes down, we can start dropping URLs after a couple of days. This happens on a per-URL basis. Also, when it comes back, often we can catch up quickly again too.”

What kind of URLs Google will remove or deindex from its indexing?

I know this question would be hovering in your mind. Well, to ease your work I’m going to tell what URLs Google might remove. Here is the list.

  • Inactive URLs
  • Broken URLs
  • URLs that create trouble for Google while crawling
  • URLs reported as containing adult content
  • Temporarily blocked URLs
  • Outdated URLs

The above URLs is the list just guessing one. There might be many more URLs that Google consider not up to mark. So you never know what Google can do.

What could be the reason behind Google to remove URLs?

There is no specific reason Google gave for this question. But from the statement of Google that is “if your site goes down, Google may start to remove URLs from its index within two days.” This statement clears that if the website goes down or doesn’t load properly, Google will start removing the URLs after examining how it goes down.

Let’s move further and read the common problems of URLs.

The common URL problems you can encounter

– Non-www and www version of site URLs

‘WWW’ the most recognized form of site link if your site has www version then your site is worth on the internet. If not then value on the page you want will not be seen. Rather than scoring 100%, you will score around 50% only. Therefore, you must decide which URL site you want to use: www or non-www.

– Dynamic URLs

On the internet, the opportunities for duplicate content and wasted link value are endless. For example, there will be many links you will see leading to the same landing page or the website. There are many businesses that use URLs purposely and give their affiliate unique ID to use in their links. This becomes a problem if your site is not SEO-friendly.

– Duplicate homepage URLs

This problem is a bad one because it’s related to your home page. You can have an end number of URLs that could lead you to your home page content. In case, if you haven’t fixed your www or non-www duplication, it will result in a lot of unnecessary duplication. It is considered a wasted link value. Make sure to fix all the problems related to URLs.

Closing words

URLs are an important factor for any website. They can play a great role in ranking your site. Using keywords in your URL means adding glory to your website. However, the drawbacks are also there if URL is broken, duplicate, or inactive, it will slow your website. This is the reason that Google has decided to remove URLs from its indexing within two days.

So if your site’s URL also has drawbacks then improve it and remove it before Google does it. For more updates get in touch with us till then keep reading.