Google is now showing some featured snippets with how-to schema

Google featured snippets with how-to schema

Whenever you search anything on Google, either you see a box containing information (aka Featured Snippets or 0 Rank) or just top results without containing featured snippets. Google is unpredictable why I am saying this because no one ever knows what it can do. Earlier, Google stopped showing featured snippets on Google search results, but now it has again started showing featured snippets. However, this is not the important news that I want to tell you here. The important news about featured snippets is that recently in the digital marketing sector, the chit-chat started taking place that Featured Snippets are showing up with how-to schema. Are you also seeing how-to schema with featured snippets?

Guys, in this article, I will highlight every update of feature snippets and how-to schema. In case you don’t know have deep knowledge about these two terms then stick to this article.

Let’s make a start now.

Recently, Google started showing featured snippets with how to-schema

Two days back, Google suddenly started showing some featured snippets along with some how-to schema in Google search results. Now, who first saw this update, Google itself did not announce anything about featured snippets and how-to schema, then how it came into the limelight?

Brodie Clark is the person who first noticed the update on Google search results. He noticed that Google is showing up some featured snippets along with how-to schema in Google search. Brodie said he, “thinks this might be the first time I’ve seen Structured Data influence a Featured Snippet.”

On Twitter, he wrote, “Whoa, check it out. A featured snippet + how – to schema hybrid mobile test. Has the how-to mobile carousel treatment at the top, with jump to link steps…”

Moreover, another person named Glenn Gabe also tweeted after seeing featured snippets with how-to schema. He said, “Seeing that here as well. Very cool implementation by Google.”

So guys, if you search now on Google, you will see how-to schema carousel right above the featured snippets. And when you click on the steps in the how-to schema, it will take you to the site listed in the featured snippet.

Let’s now move further and talk about how-to schema in detail below.

Here is the definition of how-to schema for those who don’t know what it is.

In very simple words, a schema is a form of microdata that is added to a website. It creates an enhanced description (featured snippets) that appears on Google search results. Moreover, it is an amazing way to help your website stand out from your SEO competitors.

In other words, Schema makes a way of showing content for Google and other search engines to make it easier for them to resolve things like instructions, photos, supplies, etc.

What is how-to schema? How-to schema is one step ahead of simply schema. It is built as a means of marking up step-by-step instructional content like DIY guides or articles on food blogs.

Here is the list of schema which you can use it for:

  • Use of Product
  • Reviews
  • Events
  • People
  • Videos
  • DIY techniques

What’s the benefit of using schema in your website? 

Let me tell you that Google always looks for the best ways to provide the most useful results to users. And schema gives weightage to your website. Yes, the schema provides you additional content information to search engines, which helps them better understand your content when they crawl your website. This ultimately leads to improved search visibility.

Moreover, you can use schema to enhance your content appearing as rich results in Google searches. Google’s rich results are essentially search results that are displayed in a unique way or with additional information. The ‘top stories’ carousels are examples of rich results.

The higher your content will appear on Google search results, the more click-through rates you will get on your website. Thereby, it will boost your search ranking. So do you want to add schema to your website? If yes keep reading below.

How do you add schema to your website?

Guys, adding schema to the site requires some coding skills and if you don’t have little knowledge of it then you need to approach a developer for an assistant. Here I will describe the two most common formats of adding schema to your website.

The first is microdata and the second is JSON-LD. You can use microdata to add schema to your website. Microdata adds schema tags to HTML, whereas JSON-LD consists of Javascript-based schema markup. JSON-LD is the most preferred format that Google uses.

Therefore, to start adding schema, you first need to choose the type from the library. After that choose the properties that you want to include. Finally, start using those properties to your web page using your desired schema format.

Final words

Featured snippets are the most important ranking signal that every webmaster wants to get. Earlier, Google removed it but now it has again started showing with icing on the cake that is how-to schema. Those online marketers whose website is showing schema will be getting high click-through rates to their site. You can also include schema to your site if you want to get the ‘0’ rank or rich results of your website on Google. You can follow the process to add schema to your site it will also help you enhance your SEO.

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