Famous web development trends for 2020

web development trends

Today, technology plays a great role in keeping the business engaging, enhancing and growing in the market for the long-term. As an online digital marketer, you want your site to be omnipresent. It is only possible if you keep yourself up-to-date and aware of the top web development trends. The websites have been making a huge impact on the internet world. The businesses are using websites to make a strong online presence. If you want to grow your website in the future then you should be aware of web development trends in 2020.

Guys, in this article, I will discuss the famous web development trends 2020 for you. Make sure you pay enough attention to it.

Without wasting further time let’s get started.

The famous web development trends for 2020

– Progressive web apps

According to the study, people spend 85% of their time on apps on mobile phones. The progressive web apps (PWA) are the web pages that appear like mobile applications for users. The PWA’s aim is to provide native-like experience for the users on all platforms. As per Google’s report, 53% of the mobile site visitors usually abandon the web page if it takes more than three seconds to load. The users will feel like using an app without even a need to install it. The PWA gives a full-screen experience to users and the URL of the site will not be visible. Moreover, all the content that you post on PWA will be available for the users even when the internet connection is poor.

– Chatbots/online support

Another trend that comes in the list of web development is a chatbot. How chatbots are made? Artificial intelligence (AI) and omnichannel are used in the creation of chatbots. The need for chatbots has become widespread in 2020. Chatbots and online assistants are available 24/7 and depending on how advanced they are as they can address simple queries. Chatbots and virtual assistants (Amazon, Alexa, Siri, Cornata) have helped small enterprises as well as big enterprises to engage and transform social interactions.

– Responsive web design

There is no doubt that today’s responsive web design is still a trend and will be a trend in the future. I would say this trend you can’t afford to avoid in 2020. You have to design your website in a way that can work on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. As a webmaster, you have to make your website design a responsive one. This way, you will be able to provide a good user experience to your site visitors.

– Voice search optimization

Another trend in the list is voice search optimization. Voice search has made a great impact on the web and more is yet to come. According to Gartner, about 30% of all searchers will be done without using a screen by 2020. It simply means web future is less texty and more voicy. It was estimated that in 2020, people would spend less time typing and more on giving commands to a device to make searchers understand them clearly. Voice search optimization is beneficial for both end-users and owners. It helps you save time and allows a user to order more.

– Cyber security

Website hacking, data breaching and spamming have become one of the most concerning topics today. It is very important to save your website from all these activities or any kind of attack and this is the reason why cyber security has been one of the latest trends these days. Today, webmasters are trying to save their site from any kind of cyber-attack.  To get rid of this problem, they are adopting various techniques to keep the website save from attackers. Therefore if you’re planning to develop a website then make sure to focus on this point.

Key takeaway

Guys, the creation of a website is easy and it will not take much time to develop a website. But if you really want an excellent website then you have to spend extra time and put in some effort into it. A great website is an integration of all the trends that I have mentioned above in this article. Make sure to keep all the trends in your mind and implement them in your website also. Thereby, make sure to keep updating yourself with the web development trends in the future also.

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