Facebook Profile vs. Page, What’s Best for Branding?

Facebook Profile vs. Page

Facebook Profile and Facebook Page – these two terms are a huge part of Facebook but are completely different from each other. When it comes to advertising on Facebook, digital marketers get confused as they don’t know which part of Facebook will help them promote their brands. All they want is to leverage Facebook to brand their products worldwide.

But the key question here is – what you want to use, a profile or a page as your Facebook hub? If you are not able to make up your mind then this article is for you. Here I will highlight the difference between profile and page so that you can decide which one is best for your branding.

So let’s make a start with the definition of each.

Concepts of Facebook Profile and Page, Just read one by one.

Facebook Profile

A Facebook Profile is a simple user profile that users create for their personal needs such as engagement, making friends, and get to know what their friends are doing by exploring their profiles. Profiles come with features such as chat and gaming capabilities that are not available to Pages. This is the reason Facebook profiles are good for people, not marketers.

Facebook Page

A Facebook Page is what people create to expand their business in the social media arena. Every business needs a presence on social media and Facebook is the platform where they can achieve this. Facebook page is usually used by companies.

Let’s move further and talk about the differences between Facebook Profile and Page below. With the differences, you will be able to know which one is best for your branding.

Facebook Profile vs. Facebook Page (choose the one based on the difference)

#More organic reach

– Facebook Profile

People can easily find anyone on Facebook just by typing the name of a person. This is an easy way for you as well if you want to expand your business’s presence on social networking sites. Let me also tell you that the news feed algorithm of Facebook tends to show more posts from profile than from Facebook pages.

– Facebook Pages

When it comes to Facebook pages for organic reach then it seems to go down than Facebook Profiles. It is also because business pages on Facebook don’t usually appear in the results unless and until you have a good business presence on it. Also, your business page requires a great number of likes and followers so that it can get a blue tick on the top.

So, Facebook Profile wins the organic reach here.

#Paid advertisement or paid search

– Facebook Profile

If you want to go with Facebook Profile to expand your business then let me tell you that the most important thing which is required for marketing is an advertisement which you don’t get in Profiles. Therefore, you don’t have access to advertising and paid reach.

– Facebook Page

The advantage of using a page on Facebook is that you get the option to run ads on it. Basically, you purchase ds & play to boost posts to reach entirely new audiences. If you want to show your company’s products via advertisement then go with Facebook pages.

Thereby, Facebook Page wins this section.

#More business presence expansion

– Facebook Profile

With a Facebook profile, you can go anywhere for example Facebook Groups, Pages, to name a few. Also, the profile makes it easier for you to connect with reach people, industry leaders, and many more to grow your personal brand.

– Facebook Page

Unlike a Facebook profile, the page has less access to visit and explore other people’s profiles on Facebook. Though you can use page to comment on other pages, you can’t comment as your page on profiles or in groups. With page, you get limited access to explore Facebook.

Thus, Facebook Profile secures the place here.


– Facebook Profile

To be very honest, Profile on Facebook is not at all considered as professional as pages. If you have created a Facebook profile to grow the presence of your business then people might take your business as professional as you feel it to be. Moreover, the Facebook profile is meant for people to interact with people, share their pictures, and expand their social contact.

– Facebook Page

Though the Facebook page is considered to be more professional than a profile, the pages only attract and appeal to the audience when they have robust content and fan base. Having a Facebook page with few fans and no engagement can harm your business a lot. However, profiles can easily get engagement.

Hence, this round is a tie.

Now let’s look at the benefit of each:

Benefits of having Facebook Profile

  • You can share information and stories with your family and friends.
  • It allows you to create posts, share posts, and upload videos.
  • With profile, you can follow the page to get updates of businesses and organizations that interest you.

Benefits of having Facebook Page

  • You can connect with customers and people interested in your business.
  • Allows you to support a digital shop front for your business.
  • You get business tools and advertising opportunities to grow your business presence and reach your goals.

The bottom line

Guys, Facebook Profile, and Facebook Page, both are powerful ways to grow a business presence on Facebook. You can consider this article as a guide to determine which way is perfect for you to build a brand’s presence on social media. I have mentioned all the major points highlighting the differences between Profile and Page. I have also provided you with the benefits of both. Therefore, it is up to you and make a wise choice.

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